Would you like to celebrate your wedding reception in Las Vegas? Having Weddings in Las Vegas NV may make somebody feel desired and excited. Las Vegas is a big city in NYC. You will find everything in that city. Moreover, you will find many clubs, hotels, restaurant, casino, and more things you love.

Now, if feeling confused about the best wedding in Las Vegas, we have the inspiration for you. It will make you choose the best Las Vegas wedding packages, decors, venues, and ideas. You will also find some types of weddings commonly celebrated in Las Vegas NV.

Traditional Wedding Ideas in LV

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Do you plan the simple and romantic wedding ceremony? The traditional wedding in Las Vegas can elaborate with the inclusive styles. You can obtain those in the gorgeous Las Vegas with many affordable options.

In this case, you can prefer to get the elegant traditional wedding in the wonderful main chapel. You can also set for the outdoor ceremony or reception in the gazebo or the garden chapel. Of course, it will depend on your wedding theme and budget.

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One of the most favorite weddings, in this case, is the choice of lush foliage with twinkly white lights. It is also available to choose from your exotic Vegas weddings packages. The location, you can choose it from many options you can select.

Elvis Weddings in Love

Las Vegas is always popular with its unique wedding style. One of the most famous is the Elvis weddings. You can check the packages of Elvis wedding in LV with the fun and frills. Of course, those are to fit the wedding budget.

Here, you can surprise your people or guests with the Elvis that drives you to go down into the aisle in the pink Caddy. Do not stop there! You can also get married by the Elvis in LV with such kind of Doo Wop Dinner time. It was very popular in the 50s.

Themed Wedding Ideas

What makes your wedding more attractive and exciting? Yeah, the theme of your wedding will define it. In Las Vegas, you will find more options for the themed weddings. Many chapel or venues also support the needs of themed weddings. Therefore, you may not feel confused about your chosen theme.

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Actually, about 30 different wedding themes are available in Las Vegas. It includes everything in your mind to explore. Are you curious? The themed weddings in LV are always fun and different. You may prefer to get the ultimate theme wedding. Las Vegas will always have their venue to accommodate your necessity.

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Those may be indoor or outdoor Vegas weddings. Some popularly themed weddings in Las Vegas are likely:

Gothic Special Wedding Theme

It is a gothic wedding theme for everybody who loves gothic. You may choose the Graveyard Special themed wedding or even Dracula’s Tomb. The costs for each are $475.00 and $550.00. It is very affordable.

Musical Themed Weddings

This themed wedding will be very romantic and entertaining. They are likely the musical theatrical 50‘s and 60’s wedding at $650.00. You may also love the Woodstock theme for $700.00. The themed theatrical and musical weddings are the Gangster theatrical, Rock-A-Billy, Rock N’ Roll, and Western. They are all at $650.00.

Theatrical Themed Weddings

You may find the costs of theatrical weddings starting from $650. It may be the Gangster, Beach Party Theme, and Camelot. Then, for the higher price, it will be around $700.00. Those are the Gladiator themed wedding, Intergalactic, Pirate, Egyptian, and more.

Impersonator Wedding Themes

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Impersonator themed wedding will combine with the musical situation as the simple Vegas weddings. You can prefer to get the Hollywood Starlet, Wassup Pussycat, and more at $700.00. If you have $750.00, you can choose the Alice Cooper theme, Superbad Theme, Super Hero Theme, and much more.

Extreme and Destination Weddings

Are you both the adventurous couple? You are in the best place, Las Vegas. LV provides great destination and extreme wedding packages. You can choose the packages based on the budget. Yeah, setting the location with dramatic views and nuance will make your wedding more than awesome.

You may get married in the extreme locations such as in front of the fabulous sign of Las Vegas. You may also choose the wedding with a desert backdrop. Wedding in the thrilling helicopter over the LV lights is also exciting for you.

Of course, you can check the destination and extreme locations for your weddings. They will make your wedding unforgettable and very memorable. Dramatic nuance, romantic situation, extreme feeling, and more are for you.

Best Wedding Receptions in LV

Las Vegas is available for anything you search. You can choose even from the very simple cake and the champagne to the great ones. You can prefer to choose your wedding reception in LV on budget. It is suitable to get the toasts with the light bites, gourmet buffet, live music, and dancing.

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You will really discover the new thing in your Vegas hotel wedding packages and more places. This place commonly offers the formality and size, venues, and celebration based on your request. Everything will be set perfectly.

You may also step your wedding reception in a hotel, chapel, beach party, garden, and more options are available for you. You can choose your best venues and customize your best menu for a wedding reception.


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Well, what do you think of the Vegas weddings all-inclusive? Have you found the right choice for you? Las Vegas always has their best weddings styles and venues. You can check more about the Weddings in Las Vegas NV in this article.


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