It is incredible to host a wedding in the special place. The Wedding Venues Spartanburg SC can be one of the best options. The wedding is a great moment for every couple. They will always host their best wedding day. Choosing the right place can determine your wedding nuance.

We will offer the best wedding venue to host in the South Caroline. They offer the picturesque views and charming room. You may set the indoor and outdoor wedding venues in SC. The range prices are various. You can get cheap to expensive wedding venues or packages.

Hosting Perfect Wedding: Great Inside, Perfect Outside

Wedding celebration or ceremony in South Caroline can gain perfectness. You may choose the best wedding venues with greenery. SC holds many places to set incredible wedding venues. We show you the best wedding venues Spartanburg South Carolina and other cities in SC.

wedding venues Spartanburg South Carolina
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Perfect Wedding Outdoor at Belfair

Do you love a wedding with very scenic backdrop? The Belfair offers the perfect picturesque outdoor venue. You can find the Belfair Plantation in the Bluffton, SC. It offers the astounding oak line trees to be the natural backdrop. Setting the white chairs on the ceremony can enhance the perfectness. Rent this venue for 220 guests. The rental venue fee is around $2.000 for 5 hours.

Premier Wedding under Tent at Carolina Country Club

Carolina Country Club offers the indoor reception and outdoor ceremony. However, this place has a specialty on its premier outdoor wedding. You can set the wedding under the fascinating tent.

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This place will give the perfect setting with formal entertaining ambiance. You can rent this venue for up to 450 people. It costs around $500 for rental venues 12 hours. The wedding package will rate at $5,654 to $9,024.

Doko Manor Outdoor Venue Overlooking Panoramic Lake Views

The wedding venue of this Doko Manor is a location on the Central Park of the Blythewood, SC. This great place offers the private and elegant wedding. You can gather all guests, family, and friends in this nature venue. The outdoor wedding venue overlooks the waterfront views. This place will accommodate up to 260 guests. Well, every couple can rent the venue at $1000 – $2,950. You can choose the barn wedding venues in Spartanburg Sc.

barn wedding venues in Spartanburg Sc
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Rustic Barn Wedding at the Forevermore Farm in Moore

Do you look for the spacious wedding venue in the rustic barn in SC? The Barn at the Forevermore Farm is the best choice. The location is in Moore, South Carolina. This barn offers the relaxing setting, rustic background, and vintage decoration. You can choose the rustic reception hall in this barn with ideal setting. It offers the area for 250 guests inside the barn.

Renting the Venue

This barn at the Forevermore Farm provides the wedding at the affordable price. You can set the predation at 9 a.m. the rental fee of this venue includes 12 hours for preparation to finish.

Extra Perks at the Barn

This barn offers the beautiful setting. You can get exchanging vows with a number of amenities. Some extra benefits to obtain in these barns are available.  They are such as the notary public, carriage house, coordination service, and more.

Duncan Estate: Defining Charm and Elegance Wedding

Duncan Estate Spartanburg Sc
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Duncan Estate is very popular in the Spartanburg, SC. It defines the wedding venue with charm and elegance. You can host a special wedding in the picturesque venue. These scenic areas create the enchanting spot for Duncan Estate Spartanburg Sc. You can choose the vendor policy to allow creating the true personal event.

Charming Wedding at Winyah Indigo Hall

Host a charming wedding nuance at Winyah Indigo Hall. This hall offers the country wedding style. You can find this hall in the Georgetown, SC. This place actually offers the purposeful usage. Those are the library, school, and public.

This venue offers the spacious area for 250 to 333 guests. You can discover the flawless and versatile wedding in this place. You can rent this place at $2,500. The wedding package all-inclusive will cost around $6,694 to $11,830.

Premium Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston

Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston is a luxurious boutique. It provides the sophistication and elegance for a wedding. You can set the indoor wedding venue for ideal ceremony and reception. This awesome ballroom offers the scenic rooftop with the high skyline. You can rent this venue for 80 to 100 guests. It starts at $500 – $2,000 for the rental venue. It may be one of the best small wedding venues Spartanburg Sc.

small wedding venues Spartanburg Sc
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Chateau Mason LLC Offering Beautiful Scene

This is your time to host your wedding in the Chateau Mason LLC. This mason ensures the flawless wedding. The venue offers the beautiful scene with natural details. This area has many advantages.

Why Choose this Place

This chateau tends to be a beautiful wedding venue with some advantages. You can request the additional time. This is also available to ire the coordinator for the personal wedding. The available additional terms for rent are the chairs, tables, tableware, decorations, and the linens.

Specialty Offering Vendor

This Chateau Mason offers the event venue. Do you want to ask the especially vendor? You can get the vendor to host your wedding. The wedding may be in the outdoor setting. It is the 15-acre lawn. It is available for an indoor wedding in the rick farmhouse.

Unique Setting at Alley Charleston Wedding Ballroom

Do you want to get the unique wedding setting? You may prefer to the Alley Charleston. The ballroom in this Alley offers the indoor reception for 150 guests. You can get the full kitchen set with the American classic style. The decoration features the great backdrop. You can rent this venue with great bartenders and craft beer. This area is available for rent the venue. It starts at $200 – $500 for 3 hours. The additional charges are available. This place offers the cheap wedding Venues Spartanburg Sc.

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Wonderful Four O’ Three North Lake Wedding

Many couples prefer to choose outdoor wedding setting. You can choose the Four O’ Three North Lake in SC. This event center offers the beautiful country wedding. This features the elegant and unique venue. Every couple can set the outdoor wedding with original tree lines to be the backdrop. You can invite up to 250 guests. Yeah, this area is affordable at $1,695 – $2,095 for the rental venue only.

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What do you think of hosting the wedding in the South Carolina? This city offers many types of wedding venue. Those 10 Wedding Venues Spartanburg SC can make your wedding incredible.


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