Are you going to search for the affordable Wedding Venues Rochester NY? New York has many places for wedding celebration or ceremony. The Rochester is one of the most popular places for wedding host. You can set many wedding styles. They are available for rent.

How is about the wedding venues in the Rochester? The elegance indoor and majestic outdoor can be the preference of a wedding. This area has many popular places. Many people visit this city for a special moment. Their wedding will be more memorable in this Rochester.

Most Fabulous Places for Intimate Wedding Venue

We offer you the fabulous wedding venues in Rochester. You can find 9 best places for a wedding. Those non-traditional wedding venues Rochester NY are available for indoor and outdoor setting.

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Genesee Valley: Premier Wedding Club

The Genesee Valley is popular to be a premier wedding club. This is a spectacular and lavish backdrop. Your wedding can make your wedding day perfect. It brings the lush ground and fine landscape. This building in the Genesee Valley can create the intimate gathering and elegant settings.

The capacity of this area can accommodate 215 to 400 guests. They are timeless for the indoor and outdoor wedding. You can rent this venue $300 – $1,100. Do you want to get a wedding package? You must spend $6,550 to $12,193.

Max of Eastman Place: Unique Place for Wedding

The Max of Eastman Place offers the unique setting. This place is a popular dining spot in Rochester. You can set a wedding in this area. You can corporate they even catering, wedding service, and unique venue. This place offers the awesome wedding package.

Private Club Ridgemont

Do you look for the country club? You can choose the Ridgemont. This is a private club in Rochester NY. It is available for a wedding venue with a lush backdrop. Many couples choose this area because of the lavish and lush nuance. You can set the big romance in this premium golf course.

This dreamy wedding venue offers a fine place for 100 to 225 guests. You can set the indoor ceremony and reception. It will give 15o guests for outdoor wedding ceremony Rochester NY. The rental fee for this place is $10,877 to $12,994.

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Radisson Hotel: Luxurious Wedding Venue

Find the high experience of the beautiful indoor and outdoor wedding. You can prefer Radisson Hotel. This hotel offers the luxurious ballroom. It brings elegance and sophistication. You can set the wedding reception beautifully.

Some options for your wedding are available. You can get all-inclusive wedding package. They include the wedding cake, champagne toast, and special menus. You can get the centerpieces and wedding decors for this elegant ballroom.

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Are you going to rent this venue? You must spend $10,165 to $14,230 for a wedding package. It is for 100 guests. You can add the guests with additional charges. The maximum guests are up to 800 guests.

Modern Wedding at East Avenue Inn & Suites

You can host a wedding at the East Avenue Inn & Suites. This place offers the boutique hotel. You can make a stunning breakfast wedding with great vibrant. This area offers the modern wedding design with natural light. The unique wedding venues Rochester NY are perfect for you.

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You can make a modern wedding celebration in the gorgeous hall. This Inn can serve the banquet wedding for 50 guests. The rental fee is very cheap. It costs $250 – $500. You may get the wedding package for 50 guests. It starts at $2,707 – $7,182.

Proper Inn on Broadway for Romantic Gathering

Do you want to get romantic wedding? You may choose the Inn on Broadway in Rochester NY. This is a proper wedding venue. This romantic hotel can bring you the downstairs and complementary situation. They make your wedding perfect with the full amenities.

Fabulous Holiday Inn in Rochester Downtown

Your wedding will be fabulous at the Holiday Inn. This building is in the Rochester Downtown, NY. It gives the fabulous wedding venue on the ballroom. You can choose some offers and options of the venues in this Rochester Holiday Inn.

Small Corinthian Room for Intimate Wedding

This room is the smallest venue for an intimate wedding. You can get 50 cocktails and 40-banquet wedding. You may choose this place for the small wedding venues Rochester NY.

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Genesee wants to set outdoor wedding. This outdoor wedding offers the beautiful setting with Genesa Pavilion to be the backdrop. This venue is available for 200 guests in the cocktail reception or ceremony.

River Room near Patio

What is this River Room? You can choose this River Room near the patio. It brings the mid-size wedding event. You can invite up to 120 guests for banquet wedding style.

Grand Ballroom

This grand ballroom can accommodate many people. You can serve up to 1200 cocktails or 700 banquets. This ballroom offers the intimate wedding.

Rochester Art Gallery for Memorable Wedding

Here it is the memorable wedding venue in Rochester. The Rochester Art gallery comes with warm nuance. The interior design is simple with its classic decors. You can make this landmark for an intimate gathering.

The couples commonly choose this venue for Italian baroque style. It gives the dining wedding option. You may set the indoor ceremony and reception for up to 225 guests. This costs $18,299 to $25,569 for the wedding package.

Wonderful Swan Club for Great Wedding

Swan Club is a great choice for a wedding. This place is on the long island in Rochester NY. You can create the fairytale wedding for the endless reception. This place offers the charming wedding patio with lush gardens. They offer the waterfall and fountains.

You can create the perfect wedding experience. This is a romantic area for a wedding. It offers the gazebo, photo spot, and perfect scene. You can choose this area for 300 guests. This Rochester club ballroom is available for indoor ceremony and reception. You must spend $15,527 to $16,613 for the wedding package.

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What is the best place you can choose? Rochester has many areas. They can make the different situation for your wedding style. The Wedding Venues Rochester NY can bring the fabulous setting. It will offer many sources of the venues. You can choose the best place for an intimate wedding.


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