Do you want to arrange a wedding in Virginia? You can plan the low budget wedding. Many couple can find the Wedding Venues In Virginia Under $2000. Virginia has various spots for affordable wedding venues. It can be the indoor or outdoor spots. Do you dream of the plan?

Virginia is popular with its romantic blends of nature. You may set a cheap wedding for an unforgettable wedding. It may be difficult. You can read this article for the best inspiration. We will offer the lists of inexpensive wedding venues in northern Virginia and the others.

Lush Westover Plantation at Richmond

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Do you dream of having a wedding in a lush plantation area? The Westover Plantation in Richmond, VA offers your expectation. Westover is the most wonderful and graceful colonial plantation. It provides the Georgian architecture. This area is now available rent for a wedding venue. This venue has a great backdrop. You can elaborate the doorway and the building.

Anyone can rent this venue at $2,100 – $7,100. The price will be dependable on the packages. Do you have a big party? The maximal capacity in this venue is 400 guests. You may not worry having many guests.

Charming Country Club Of Culpeper

Get the stylish and charming wedding venue in the Arlington. The Country Club Of Culpeper provides the simple wedding venue. It is in a simple building. You may get the breathtaking views of this small clubhouse. This venue offers the affordable price. It may be the best small wedding venues, Virginia.

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Do you want to get an extraordinary wedding? This is actually part of a golf club with wondrous and endless outdoor venue. You may rent this area affordable at $850 for 4 hours. It includes the additional charges for setting up the ceremony and reception around $250.

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Doubletree Wedding Venue at Hilton Virginia Beach

Along the Virginia Beach, you will find the Hilton wedding venue, the Doubletree. This area offers the modern building and sophistication design. This wedding commonly will commit to giving special and memorable wedding moment. You can set the bridal luncheon, catering specialist, and rehearsal dinner in this venue.

For rental fees of the venue, there will not charge. You may only spend for the food and beverage for you and the guests. The ballroom itself can accommodate 600 guests for ceremony and 300 for the reception. The wedding cost all-inclusive package will be $3,746 to $10,570.

Affordable Wild Wolf Brewing Company Wedding

You can set your low budget wedding in the Wild Wolf Brewing Company. This wedding venue offers the natural blends with rustic barns. The barn wedding venues in Virginia is on the wonderful Ridge Mountain in the Nellysford. The Wild Wolf Brewing provides the rustic setting with a perfect natural backdrop.

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You may spend little money for rental fees. It will rate at $1,500 to $2,500. The maximal guests for this budget will be 100 people. It is available to choose indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony or reception.

Cheap Lee Hall Mansion Wedding at Virginia Beach

The Lee Hall Mansion proudly offers the antebellum homes in Peninsula. This wedding venue provides the Mid-Victorian building architecture. You may see the furnished interior with expansive outdoor lawn. They are available for rent with different budget.

You may spend about $800 – $2,000 for a rental venue in 5 hours. Additional charge may occur. Do you want to get all-inclusive wedding cost? It costs around $3,423 to $10,979.

Rust Manor House: True and Graceful Wedding Venue

Virginia has a true and graceful wedding venue at the Leesburg. The Rust Manor House is the best choice. It offers the glamour and historic wedding. The venue is on 68-acres of the meadows and woods. It will add the picturesque sites for the wedding ceremony or reception.

This wedding venue can only accommodate 65 for indoor exception and 200 for outdoor ceremony and reception. You must spend $1,410 – $5,830 for the rental fee of the venue for 6 hours. The additional charge may occur depending on the additional services and package you will get.

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The Valentine Wedding Hall in the Richmond, VA

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Do you plan to have a wedding ceremony or reception in a ballroom of the hotel? The Valentine in the downtown of Richmond is the best choice. These small wedding venues in northern Virginia offer the vintage wedding style with modern amenities. You can set the wedding arrangement with a beautiful gathering of the grandest occasion and stone fountain.

You can only spend $1,300 – $2,500 for the rental fees in 7 hours. It is available to get all packages of the wedding for 100 guests. The costs will be at $5,927 to $14,251. The additional guests or serve will influence your budget. This area can accommodate 150 guests for the indoor or outdoor wedding.

Affordable Creek’s Edge Winery Wedding Venue

Many people plan to celebrate a wedding in a winery. Virginia has the Creek’s Edge Winery as a cheap wedding venue with awesome facilities and nuance. This location is on the Lovettsville, VA. This winery has idyllic wedding setting with the picturesque countryside. The natural beauty can be the best wedding backdrop.

The rental fee is affordable with only $1,500 to $10,000. It will depend on the guests, service, and facilities. You may get the different and low budget for maximal 2000 guests.

Panoramic Blue Mountain Lodge Wedding at Arlington

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You may find the most affordable wedding venue in Arlington, VA. The place is the Blue Mountain Lodge. The wedding venues in Virginia mountains can enhance your outdoor wedding with beautiful mountain views. This locates I Shenandoah Valley. It will give additional panoramic views as the backdrop.

You can host this area to be your perfect wedding outdoor venue. It is only available from maximal 100 to 110 guests. The rental fee will rate at $850 for the ceremony and reception. You may get an all-inclusive package for n $4,398 to $13,778.

Well, want do you think of having a wedding in Virginia? Virginia has many choices and options of the cheap wedding venues. Those Wedding Venues In Virginia Under $2000 can be a great choice. You can set your wedding affordable right now in Virginia. They offer numerous ideas and inspiration for the best wedding ceremony and reception.


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