Do you need wedding venues in San Diego for military? We will help you to find the alternatives to select. The best one for your wedding day will be in your hand.

You may find a lot of reception venues for the military in San Diego. San Diego is the best place that provides such wedding. This kind of wedding requires different branch and rank.

Military wedding specifies its detail of decorations. They include flags and chocolate flag favors in it. Customizing dog tags and flower colors may be possible.

Best Place to Set Different Military Weddings in San Diego

We provide the best list military wedding to choose. The venue will vary in style and budget. Prepare yourself to have the available alternatives.

Twin Oaks: Luxury Space for Tranquil Wedding

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This venue of Twin Oaks is at 1441 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd, San Marcos. The place has blue skies with grassy fields surrounding the luxurious space. It offers a tranquil and quirky space to exchange military wedding venues San Diego Ca.

This is a perfect place for a military wedding holding 10 to 200 people.  Twin Oaks compromises both outdoor and indoor venue space. The site for reciting the vows is on Garden Vista Lawn.

Garden Ballroom: Best Reception Venue

A reception can be into the Garden Ballroom. A Patio connects the space for an elegant one with a fireplace.  You are sure to enjoy your military wedding romantic feel.

The relaxing intention will come with the attractive décor. Licentious dining options with good staffs will ensure your wedding.

The venue style can make corporate a golf course and park. Ballrooms and outdoor venues for the wedding will be available. The mountain and vintage or rustic event are possible.

Wedding services cover the outdoor ceremony. Other services are an indoor and outdoor reception. The capacity for an outdoor ceremony is to hold 200 guests.

Indoor and outdoor reception is available for 180 people. You may set the time to start 4 hours to the event. Your events must finish by midnight.

The fee for facility ranges from $1,200 to $2,000. Discount is for military members and other communities.

The average cost of a wedding is between $9,503 and $18,586. It is for 100 guests of ceremony and reception. The rate includes catering and alcohol.

Admiral Baker Clubhouse in San Diego with Beautiful Clubhouse Wedding

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This Admiral Baker Clubhouse locates at the 2400 number of Admiral Baker Rd, in San Diego, California. The wedding venue is available to open at 6:00 am to 7 pm. This kind of military base wedding venues are available for day services.

It is a beautiful clubhouse for your military wedding. The venue gives panoramic sights of the golf course.  The surrounding mountains will be the most highlight.

This clubhouse has California style of architecture. The location of the clubhouse is in Mission Valley.

You will have club’s main room called Presidio Ballroom. It offers shiny chandeliers with soft arches.  The dark wood beams will surround it.

It holds 300 people for a dining room. Space unlocks onto the patio with 18th green. The venue varies the room and the capacity.

The Presidio Ballroom is available for 200 guests. Another of Half Presidio will be for a smaller event of 100 guests. Its Balboa is for 50 guests.

The Patio is accessible for 125 guests. Another Patio Ceremony uses chairs to host 175 guests.

Admiral Kidd in San Diego Offering Indoor Wedding

Admiral Kidd wedding
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The Admiral Kidd wedding is at the Naval Mine. It is on Anti-Submarine Warfare Command (NMAWC) of Harbor Drive. Admiral Kidd offers stunning views of the city Bay and skyline.

Space is accessible for groups from 50-400. It can be in one of 6 indoor catering sitting rooms. Skyline room can hold 200-400 guests maximum.

The Harbor Lounge Room is an indoor service for 100-150 Guests. Harbor Lounge is the Patio to hold 30-50 Guests. San Diego Room is available for 50-80 Guests

The Lawn Ceremony is open for holding 50-400 Guests. A minimum number of catering events is maximum accommodation for 50 people.

This is it, the wedding venues in San Diego for the military. We give you two alternatives to a military wedding in San Diego. We hope you find the most suitable for your wedding.


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