Utah seems to be popular wedding venue of the year. You can find various wedding venues. One of them is wedding venues in north Utah.

Utah is perfect venues for a couple who look for a cheap venue. It offers outdoor wedding venues with their full amenities. The outdoor venue usually has a high price.

Most Stunning Wedding Venues in Northern Utah  to Host

In Utah, you can find outdoor venues with low price. You can host a beautiful outdoor wedding on a low budget. Cheap venues do not mean poor facilities and setting.

Silver Fork Lodge for Stunning Wedding Venues

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Silver Fork offers a stunning wedding in the gorgeous Utah landscape. It sits on the Wasatch Cache National Forest. Silver Fork is 11 miles far away from Cottonwood Canyon.

It offers a peaceful serene forest for organizing your special day. Your wedding day will be far away from the city noises. You can enjoy the rustic wedding venues in Northern Utah peacefully.

You will walk down a grass aisle with lush surrounds you. The ceremony site is an arch in the shade of the towering spruce. Aspen and fir trees surround your wedding sites.

Stone terrace among the trees will be your reception setting. It is a fun and elegant reception party. The rental fee ranges from $600 to $4,600.

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Stonebridge Golf Course Water-Laden in Utah

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Stonebridge is one of the longest and most water-laden in Utah. This kind of cheap wedding venues in Northern Utah is in West Valley City. It is the gorgeous and breathtaking venue for organizing the wedding.

It offers beautiful scenic for your special day. The rental fee ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. It includes six hours of event time.

The time excludes set up and cleans time. You must pay $500 per hour for additional usage. The estimation of wedding cost is between $2,280 and $14,332.

It is cheap venue but offers full amenities. The couple can use the dressing rooms before the event start. The venue includes tables and chairs.

It provides catering and alcohol. You must use their services for catering and alcohol. It has a large public.

Log Haven Presenting Majestic Utah Mountain View

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Log Haven is in the majestic mountains of Utah’s Wasatch National Forest. It is 20 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. Log Haven sits on 40 acres of picturesque land for majestic wedding venues in northern Utah.

It offers incredible natural beauty. Log Haven has a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day festivities. It has numerous event spaces with varying capacities.

The sites provide the rustic yet elegant atmosphere. It serves historic charm and tradition while also adding modern cozy amenities. The outdoor venue can accommodate 350 guests.

The rental fee ranges from $600 to $6,000. You can use seven hours of event time. Your event must end by 11:30 PM.

The setup fee for reception is $250. The reception set up fee is $750 to $900. Additional fee per hour is $325.

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You can find wedding venues in North Utah. It provides various venues with their capacity with a low budget. You can fit your budget to your wedding venue.


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