Will you hold a wedding in Brooklyn New York? The Brooklyn offers you many options for the wedding venue. It means that you can choose one of the best wedding venues in Brooklyn New York.

Do you wonder about the Brooklyn wedding venues? It is a good city for you to have the amazing wedding.

The celebration venues in Brooklyn depend on the budget. You may get the right venues on budget.

Best Wedding Venues in Brooklyn with Awesome Services

In this article, you will be closer to know details of some wedding venue Brooklyn New York City. You will get details of each Brooklyn wedding venue.

Dobbin ST Brooklyn with Luxurious Wedding Space

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Dobbin St is in Williamsburg. It is a new tailored of event space. The Dobbin St offers luxury or minimalist feel in the wedding event.

It will boast views of Manhattan skyline with 22-foot ceilings. This venue also provides 8,500 square. It is the combination of outdoor and indoor space.

The Sole Intention

The Sole intention will combine the design of the Dobbin St. Yeah; it will make the most stunning and exceptional event experience. The venue also has a private bathroom with client suit.

This place has the elegant oasis that will make anyone comfortable. It is on the mezzanine.

Dobbin ST Brooklyn gives some choices of event style. They are loft, outdoor, event center, modern, or skyline/city view.

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Capacity of Event Space

How is about the capacity of the venue event space? Yeah, for the outdoor ceremony, it is 275 guests maximally. For the indoor ceremony, the guest is 275 maximally.

Do you like outdoor reception? It is 275 guests maximally. The last, guest of indoor reception is 275.

26 Bridge Brooklyn with Handsome Venue

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The 26 Bridge Brooklyn is the handsome venue that brings new modern furnishings. It offers enormous wooden doors, modern light fixtures, and stunning skylights. This building presents original brick walls, high ceilings, new perfect hardwood floor, and many others.

The 26 bridge will transform your wedding vision dream. You can choose wonderful indoor wedding with extravagant wedding decoration.

For night wedding, you can add dancing moment. Yeah, actually the cheap wedding venues in Brooklyn New York will bring comfy and romantic to your wedding.

How is about venue style of this wedding venue? The 26 Bridge Brooklyn offers loft or modern wedding. Yeah, you can choose one of them.

The wedding venue provided indoor and outdoor wedding. For the indoor reception and ceremony, the capacity is 240 guests.

The 26 Bridge Brooklyn as wedding venues requires time restriction for its clients. Actually, the event can start at 11.00 AM. Then, the event must finish at 1.00 AM.

Elite Palace Brooklyn with Beautiful Wedding Venue

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The Elite Palace in Brooklyn is the beautiful wedding venue. The inexpensive wedding venues in Brooklyn New York have some extravagant ballrooms.

The ballrooms are suitable for 700 guests for dancing and dinner, and 400 guests for receptions. This wedding venue also offers spectacular building structure and interior. The entire space of the ballroom is wonderful with marble and mahogany.

Talking about the Elite Palace Brooklyn, this wedding venue has its own style. Yeah, it has the event center, modern, restaurant/banquet hall, and ballrooms.

Then, for the time restriction, clients can set up starting time flexible. Early morning is also suitable. However, the event must finish at 2.0 AM.

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The wedding venues in Brooklyn New York offer the best services for the clients. Therefore, they will be satisfied with the service and they will get the wonderful wedding.



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