Looking for the picturesque wedding venues east bay is easy. East Bay has a big part to deliver picturesque wedding venues. They offer some perfect indoor and outdoor locations for it.

How are the venue choices? It may be the garden, beach, resort, and hotels. You may love hosting the wedding in this East Bay.

Some people will choose the right wedding venues. The outdoor area can enhance the picturesque appearance. The indoor hall is available to decorate fabulously.

Top 4 Most Picturesque Wedding Venues

We will present some picturesque wedding venues in East Bay. You should find it in indoor and outdoor places. Read this article.

Great East Bay Grille Wedding Country Club

weddings East Bay Grille Plymouth MA
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This East Bay Grille Wedding is popular in the world with a picturesque setting. The weddings East Bay Grille Plymouth MA offers the indoor and outdoor wedding cover. You can get some wedding packages at this East Bay Grille.

What is this place actually? East Bay Grille is a country club area with restaurant, loft, and tents. You can get the best amenities and services from this venue.

This wedding venue will give an extraordinary celebration. It cares what the couples and guests need.

This place will give you their best wedding packages. It includes the venues, cocktail hour, ceremony, reception, and buffet or dinner. In this case, you can customize it depending on the theme and budget.

Trentadue Winery, Special with Picturesque Landscape

Do you ever hear the Trentadue Winery? This winery is part of the Milestone Property. It offers the ideal comfortable outdoor wedding with country wine sounds.

You can enhance an outdoor wedding ceremony in this enchanting Geyserville, CA. This place gives special nuance to the Tuscan ambiance. It presents the vineyards, vine arbors, and striking mountains.

You should find that this place offers the indoor and outdoor wedding venues. You may enhance the vintage vineyard with some modern outdoor setting. It will be greatly interesting.

How is the rental venue and capacity? This place will give affordable rental venue at $7,500 – $11,000. This is available for 265 – 500 guests. It is wow.

Do you know this place gives great wedding packages? They start from $15,900 to $26,160 per 100 guests. The package includes the wedding cost, venue, and other services.

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Cypress Ridge Pavilion Offering Stunning Wedding

Garden Wedding Venues East Bay Ca
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This is your time to set a stunning wedding at Cypress Ridge Pavilion. This pavilion provides the indoor and outdoor venues. In this case, the outdoor venue is greater popular.

Wonderful Outdoor Venue

The location of Cypress Ridge Pavilion is in central Coast overlooking the Pristine Lakes. You can make a wonderful wedding overlooking that landscaping views.

The outdoor pavilion can accommodate 250 to 350 guests in the Garden Wedding Venues East Bay Ca. This place gives the captivating charms and welcoming nuance. The Pristine Lake becomes the picturesque backdrop for the outdoor wedding.

Charming Indoor Wedding

This pavilion offers the charming indoor wedding for 140 guests. The decoration is special with vesting glass windows, wooden beam ceiling, and crack fireplace. It gives full of warmth.

This place offers the intimate venue. You can set the wedding in the pavilion, garden, and other spots.

How is the cost of this pace and package? You should spend $6.000 for the rental venue per 6 hours. For the wedding package, it starts at $4,500 to $18,590 / 100 guests.

Corinthian Grand Ballroom for Great Wedding Intimacy

intimate wedding venues East Bay
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Do you want to host an impressive indoor wedding for great intimacy? This Corinthian Grand Ballroom is the best choice. This place is a landmark building in 1924 in the downtown of San Jose.

It turns the ballroom to be intimate and enormous. This place gets the special architecture. They are the soaring columns, enormous urns, and neoclassic designs.

Some stately elegance is available to hold in this place. It will give the special and ideal situation for intimate weddings. Some decorations complete the intimate wedding venues East Bay.

You may see the unique glass lanterns and wrought iron chandeliers. They give full warmth and unique details.

You can accommodate 300 guests in this ballroom. The historic building will give vintage ballroom with rustic nuance. Catering and alcohol are available at this pace.

This place has the affordable price of venue and package. It ranges at $1,500 – $3,500 for rental venue. This is the rental fee for 5 hours excluding the setting up and the cleaning up.

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How do you think of the wedding venues in this East Bay? You should know some best wedding venues east bay. They will be perfect for your best moment.


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