This is time to search the wedding venues bay area mansions. You will find some alternatives of wedding venues. The venues in Bay Area mansions have various types and pricing.

Bay Area is a place surrounded by high-class housing markets. Bay Area mansions are one of them. This place is famous for the expensive buildings for events utility.

Bay Area mansions offer many alternatives for wedding venues. The wedding venues vary in style and budget. We will mention some of you as your options list.

Classy Bay Area Mansions for Best Wedding Venues

Are you looking for a classy wedding venue? Do you have enough budgets for your wedding? Mansion Party Rentals Bay Area is the best solution to choose.

Gorgeous Ritz-Carlton Classic Historic Landmark

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The location is at 600 Stockton Street, San Francisco. It is at the high atop of Nob Hill. It appears within a historic landmark from 1909.

The Ritz-Carlton features one of luxury models of Neo-Classical design. It offers the Terrace Courtyard Tent highlights a beautiful courtyard. The garden of roses and boxed hedges surround the place.

Types of Wedding Venues

The Terrace Room offers a glamorous reception. Easy access allows your guests to get comfortable. The gorgeous design is the main application of the entire features.

The Ritz-Carlton Ballroom is for a large celebration.  The venue offers best cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. This hotel has the notable cable car rests outside the hotel.  This place is close to any mainstay landmarks in San Francisco.

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The style offers historic, hotel and mansion venue. Ballrooms, outdoor and modern venues are possible.  The service includes both indoor and outdoor reception and ceremony. The capacity for each service is various.

The indoor ceremony can hold 300 guests. The outdoor ceremony is for 210 guests. The 450 guests are for any indoor reception and 140 for an outdoor one.

The flexible start time is possible. The average wedding cost ranges from $10,442 and $30,953. It is for both services with complete facilities of 100 guests.

Elegant Glass Mansion Offering Private Estate Wedding

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The Glass Mansion is on Private Estate Address, Los Banos. This kind of private estate wedding venues Northern California offers the elegant place. The Glass Mansion offers views of CF countryside.

This place delivers a venue of supreme class. You and your guests will enjoy the hall’s sensational views. It refined rooms and perfect for cocktails will satisfy you.

The venue varies in big numbers of style. The mansion and private estate style are possible. The park, outdoor and modern style could be available.

The venue offers outdoor ceremony. The indoor and outdoor reception can be other alternatives. The capacity for outdoor events is 350 people.

The indoor reception is to hold 250 guests maximum. Any events can start 3:00 PM. The end of the venue’s use is at 11:00 PM.

The rental fee rates from $5,890 to $10,390. The number is for ceremony and reception. The average wedding budget is between $16,789 and $28,660.

The budget is for a ceremony and reception of 100 guests. The alcohol is available. The catering should be to host another vendor to manage.

Extravagant Dolce Hayes Mansion for Private Wedding

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This Dolce Hayes Mansion is at 200 Edenvale Avenue, San Jose. The wedding venues bay area mansion features an extravagant private estate. It becomes one of the South Bay’s most unique and gorgeous structures.

The lush and lovely environment surrounds the estate. The Dolce Hayes Mansion is rich in tradition and history. It offers both outdoor and indoor settings for a unique wedding.

The culinary staff is available. They are all friendly and efficient. The beverages options are open to choose from great varieties.

The style indicates the banquet, historic and hotel. The mansion and outdoor style could be the options. The services are available for both indoor and outdoor wedding.

The maximum capacity for indoor is 400 guests. The outdoor reception should be for 500 guests. The maximum number of outdoor reception is 700 people.

The start time is available at 5:00 PM. The events should end by midnight.

The average cost starts from $17,247 and $45,281. It is a ceremony and reception with 100 guests. The budget includes both catering and alcohol.

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The wedding venues bay area mansions are free to read. It has a list of unique wedding venues in Bay Area. You can choose one of the items listed in this article.


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