Are you looking for an idea for wedding stations menu? This wedding station menu will be the best to inspire you. Wedding stations offer various foods with a lovely taste.

Wedding stations can be the alternatives for any couples. It is a popular style for brides to serve their guests. The style is suitable for who a more casual and congenial atmosphere.

A station menu means a “stations” or a mini buffet. The kinds are to distribute around throughout a reception area. Food Stations become the perfect solution for any non-traditional wedding.

The appearance of the station menu it should be attractive. The look must make the guests interested to try the menu. Station menu should provide foods with good taste.

Most Lovely Taste Foods for a Wedding Station

What are the best tasty foods to include in your wedding reception menu stations? We will suggest you several savory menus to offer on your station. You might select one of the wedding stations menus we offer.

A Nice Start: Appetizer Station

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The appetizer menu is not only for a sit-down dinner. You may consider starting with a pre-ceremony cocktail time with small bites. The menu for your appetizer station can be as follows.

Open you wedding delicate with Caprese Skewers. It is a common choice to settle the vegetarian guests. It is the best start overall.

You can serve your guests with another starter like Mini Quiche.  Give your guests enjoyable tiny flecks of bacon. Some other pork menus can be preferable.

A bunch of stuffed mushrooms is a good to start. It will fulfill a similar feel to quiche.

The spanakopita is obscure and best choice. You should be careful to serve this kind of menu. You must consider the amount of the food to serve.

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Thirst-Reliever Station

You can have this kind of station from a drink station. This station is a great way to complement the bar at a wedding. It can be a pre-ceremony cocktail hour for your wedding.

You can custom the station to a signature cocktail style. The station provides various or selected drinks to serve. You can put from the hot chocolate to the iced tea or coffee.

We offer several items for your Thirst-Reliever Station, as follows:

  • Relaxed Geek Coffee Bar
  • Crafted Beer Station
  • Retro Ice Bucket
  • Glass Soda Jugs
  • Wine Bar
  • Milk Bar
  • Limoncello Cocktail Piece
  • Hot Chocolate Station

Sweet Dessert Station for perfect Wedding Choice

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Providing a sweet dessert station is a perfect choice. Those wedding menu cards for stations will be good for a large guest list. You can benefit this station to replace a big wedding cake.

You can treat your guests well with a simple served foods. The easy to take away foods may be good to include. Consider serving some sweets like candy or cookies or even cakes.

You can first to think about the Donuts. This sweet and yummy circles will ensure your guests satisfactory.

It is good to mix and match the flavors and shapes your donuts. Show a creativity by giving various toppings on it. You can use such delicious glazes, sprinkles or simple sugar to garnish.

The other delightful sweet is the pies. It can be the perfect inspiration for winter and autumn weddings. The pie station is the ultimate cozy delight.

You can serve some slices from large pies for the people. The other kind of a selection of mini pies can be better. Offering pie pops can be delightful.

The Ice Cream is an eye-catching menu for all the ages. It is a firm favorite for your guests from young and old.

You can please everyone with this ice cream station. Serve a delicious scooped for them. You can give them soft serve cones with wedding candy station bags.

The couple may let your guests have fun creating their very own ice cream. You may offer the sundae with lovely ice cream flavors and many toppings.

Other Delighted Foods Station

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We will show you some other delightful food stations. They may be your reference for your wedding reception.

Sushi Station

Create the party rolling by providing a sushi station. It is a popular inspiration to offer perfect tasty bites.

Popcorn Station

Serve crunchy and chewy bites for your wedding attendees. It is a satisfying thing for guests. Add some seasonings such caramel and cheddar to cheer them up.

French Fries Station

Nothing can be delicious a French fry station. Provide a high variety of fries on your plate. You can select curly, waffle or sweet potato to serve it.

Better to put condiments on it. Offer your fries with ketchup, honey mustard, or truffle mayo. Put them to go to fun fry’s station!

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Having a perfect wedding stations menu is a dream. You may see this wedding stations menu to select. We hope we can make your dream stations menu wedding come true.


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