Are you going to search wedding reception venues Brooklyn? Brooklyn is best as the coolest township in New York City. It makes no so many couples pick to get married in Brooklyn.

The district offers various kinds of venues for wedding and reception. We will find hundreds of wedding reception venues Brooklyn. The types of the venues differ from any styles, facilities and prices.

Are you searching for some of the venues? The wedding reception venues in Brooklyn become the best choice. This article mentions some alternatives of venues in Brooklyn.

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Best Brooklyn Venues for Iconic Reception

This article offers you wedding reception venues Brooklyn Park MN. We are sure you will find some interesting options.

William Vale Hotel World Class Wedding Venue

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The venue is on North 12th Street, Brooklyn. The William Vale venue is a frill boutique hotel. Its location is in the heart of Williamsburg.

The place is open since September 2016. It places a new world-class of hospitality and breathtaking views. The place offers public green space etc.

The venue’s choice of indoor and outdoor services makes a wedding unique. The Vale Ballroom can lodge for 220 attendees. The number includes bridal suite, reception and dancing.

The hotel features excellent restaurant, a 60-foot pool and a green park. The venue has a convenient on-site parking.

The William Vale accommodates both outdoor and indoor weddings. The weddings will have spectacular views of Manhattan skyline. The venue style incorporates hotel or resort and event center.

Other features of the style are city line, ballrooms, outdoor and modern wedding. The maximum indoor capacity is 260. The outdoor and indoor reception is available for 220 guests.

The venue is open starting from morning. Any events must end by 1:00AM.

The average price for a wedding is $35,924 and $41,951 for 100 guests. The price will include for both catering and alcohol.

Antun’s Queens Village with Iconic Views

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The location is on 96-43 of Springfield Boulevard. It is near the Queens Village, NY. This place may be at wedding reception venues near Brooklyn Michigan.

The iconic view of the venue is the Antun building. It is a landmark in Queens to host weddings for generations. The venues become the favorite for many celebrities and famous people.

The Antun’s embraces six elegant ballrooms to select for your festivities. Another selection is gazebo settings and lovely gardens. They are best for romantic wedding shots.

The venue is the perfect place for glamorous couple. It offers bridal suite for the brides. Spectacular ballrooms become the notable place to state the vow.

The style of the venue follows the banquet all or the restaurant. The event center, the park is another style to choose. For a wedding with ballrooms and outdoor ceremony can be possible.

The maximum capacity of the indoor reception is 650 guests. For the outdoor wedding and reception is for 200 guests. The indoor ceremony is available for 140 guests.

The venue will provide the catering and alcohol for any events. The venue is available for the time being of 08:00 am to 02:00 am. Couples can set the time one hour prior to the event.

No rental fee is accessible for the reception. A minimum number of guests are fine for all events.  The venue is ready for 80 people on Tuesday to Thursday. The weekend is accessible for 60 people

The payment for a ceremony is $1,200. The typical wedding is between $10,226 and $12,893. This price is for a reception and ceremony for 100 guests.

Pelham Bay and Split Rock: Chic Golf Courses

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Pelham Bay Golf Course and the Split Rock offer the chic wedding spot. This place overall has the elegance and luxury of a country wedding. You should know some cheap wedding reception venues in Brooklyn NY.

The Gazebo for Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding

This Gazebo offers the gorgeous outdoor ceremony. It is on the large lawn for 250 guests. You can prepare the beautiful aisle with stone walkway.

The Ballroom for Exclusive Indoor

This ballroom in Pelham bay is an exclusive indoor venue. It offers the art-deco room style. You can rent it for the ultimate privacy.

The Pavilion Best for Cocktail party

This pavilion is available for 220 to 350 guests. It is the best venue for cocktail hours. You can get the unique ceiling vault on the pavilion.

The Great Room for Intimate Wedding Reception

This Great Room tends to be available for 100 dining sets. It can accommodate 1000 guests with certain intimacy. You can rent this Great Room connecting to patio and restaurant.

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The wedding reception venues Brooklyn are available. You can book one of the preferences above. Get this inspiration for your wedding plan.


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