Food station becomes popular in wedding receptions. Each table has different kinds of foods. See the inspiration for wedding reception menu stations below.

You can serve appetizer in this table. Your guests can find the main dish in another spot. You can provide the dessert on another table.

Most Enjoyable Menu Stations Mostly Arranged

Foods stations allow your guests to enjoy the meal while walking. They can choose whatever they want on their plates. You can provide them with various and delicious foods.

Soup Station Best For Fall or Winter Wedding

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Providing soup is perfect for fall or winter wedding. You can provide any homemade soups. The wedding reception menu on a budget can warm your guests.

Serving soups can make your guests healthy. They can fresh your guests by drinking the broth. There are many kinds of refreshing soups.

Best Mixed Soup

They are seafood chowder, minestrone, and lobster bisque. Other options are butternut squash soup, chicken gumbo, or asparagus soup. The best choices will be gazpacho, vichyssoise or borscht.

You can serve them in a bowl. Let your guests take whatever soups they want. To keep them warm you can serve it with a chef.

Let the chef serve your guests. The warm soup is perfect options. You can have a soup with the breast. Your guests can keep the bread in a bowl of soups.

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Fajita Station Serving Tex-Mex Cuisine

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You can treat your guests by serving Tex-Mex cuisine. A chef will prepare sizzling fajita with fillings of your choice. The chef will prepare everything your guests need in the reception.

Let your guests choose their favorite toppings and fillings. There are two favorite great sizzling filings. They are marinated chicken breast and marinated meat.

You can provide freshest garden vegetables to the vegetarian guests. They can use them as Fajita’s fillings. You must provide a complete assortments toppings as the best wedding reception menu.

Let your guests choose whatever they want. They are fresh cilantro, tomatoes, and grilled onions until black beans. Serve them on flour tortillas to make it more delightful.

You need some help from catering teams. Let them grill the Fajita to all of your guests. You can serve them in the tables.

Ask your guests to pick the ready Fajita. It will reduce the messy situation at Fajita stations. You can serve sauce to make it hotter and spicier.

Carving Station Cut Off Hot Temperature

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Carving station is where a chef serves big pieces of roasted beef. The chef roasts the beef on the grilling pan. It is better to cut them in hot temperature.

Your chef will cut off a slice and put it on their tables. Let your guests to requests specific cuts and types of meat. They will enjoy the meat in your carving food stations for a wedding reception.

You can serve two kinds of meat. They will be the favorite meat of your guests. They are beef tenderloin, baked ham, and turkey.

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You can provide wedding reception menu stations at your reception. Let your guests explore the food that you serve. Give them a space to walk and enjoy your meat.


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