The wedding reception is one of most important part in the wedding event. The wedding reception can be a sit-down dinner or casual buffet style. There are many kinds of wedding menu ideas buffet style.

Buffet style in a wedding reception is a good choice. It will make cost-effective and give your guest many choices of delicious food. You can complete your wedding with these menus.

The owner of the event will let caterers take care of the menu choice. The owner can decide his or her own menu. You can know what your guest wants to eat and do not want to eat.

Most Incredible Wedding Menu Ideas Buffet Style to Serve

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Here is an article of buffet menu ideas for weddings. This article gives you inspiration for your wedding reception menu. You can know the best food ideas to set in the buffet styles.

Fun Food Serving Ideas

In fun food, the menu can be a snack, mini food, dessert and many kinds of drinks. Everybody loves to eat snacks. The menu in the buffet is grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.

We can serve French fries with ketchup and sauce in the buffet. They are foods that everybody loves. This food can make all people fun and enjoyable in your wedding.

Dessert Buffet Ideas

A dessert buffet can serve something sweet for the guest. It becomes more popular in many wedding receptions. The dessert can be the traditional wedding cake.

The other desserts are mini pies, macaroons, popcorn with various variations. Mini root beer floats completely that dessert.

Candy or jelly is a good choice for dessert. It will make the table more colorful. Your guests will love the sweets that you provide.

Fresh Vegetable Station

The guests will love the freshness of fruits and vegetables. They can make your table more colorful and beautiful. There is less preparation for serving them on the table.

You should peel the fruits in the plate. The companion of fruits is chocolate. The fruits can be deep into chocolate milk or just eat without a companion.

Crostini Station

Bread can be a good choice. The guest will choose bread rather than a big portion of food to eat. You can mix this food with the fresh milk and cheese.

Even pickle is available to serve together with bread. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be a combination of the food.

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Chilled Pasta Bar

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The way of serving pasta can be various. It depends on the number of the guest you have and other dishes to serve. You can choose these southern wedding buffet menu ideas.

Main Components

There are three main components in pasta. They are noodles, sauce, and toppings. The noodles can be Alfredo, carbonara, Bolognese or marinara. The sauce can be tomato basil and vodka sauce.

The caterer may cook this pasta when the guest’s arrival. This method is to prevent the pasta becomes a big gob and stick together.

Serving Pasta

The other method of serving pasta is let the guest make their own pasta. We can place the sauce in the crock-pot so that the sauce will warm. Then the guest can serve the pasta by himself or herself.

Donut and Coffee Bar

Donut bar is one of the favorite buffets in the wedding reception. We can serve many kinds of shapes. Start from ring shape of donuts, alphabet shaped donut and character shaped donut.

We can give different options of the topping. We eat a donut with glazed, sugar powder, chocolate or various jams. The guest usually likes donut with a sweet topping.

The guest can enjoy the donut with a cup of coffee. Here we can serve hot or iced coffee to add the enjoyment of the food.

Ice Cream Station

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Your guest will thank you for serving the ice cream in your wedding reception. Young, old, male or female loves to eat ice cream.

It is the perfect way to enjoy the summer. Eating ice cream is a delightful way to beat the heat. You may complete this at fall wedding buffet menu ideas.

We can serve many kinds of fun flavor. We can serve chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel, and the others. The new trends are green tea or red velvet.

You can stock the food station by serving a cuisine that you and your partner love. The guest will love it.

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You can immerse the guest by holding the dream-wedding reception. Every couple can treat the guest by serving delicious food. Wedding menu ideas buffet style is an option to satisfy our guest.  


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