You will love the idea of providing a menu for your guests. Wedding menu cards for stations will tell the guests of the offered foods. Your guests will appreciate knowing what they are eating.

The important thing is designing the menu cards. You can design it as cute as possible. You can fit them into your wedding theme.

Most Creative Menu Cards for Wedding Stations

Your guests will assume you that you are respecting them. You tell your guests what they may eat at your reception. They will not be confused in deciding what they will eat by seeing it.

Paper Fortune Teller Menu for Darling Event

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You can use paper fortuneteller of the menu cards for a wedding reception. It can help your guests to know what foods you serve. The paper fortune looks darling on the tables.

It can be part of a table-setting decor. Fortuneteller paper is a toy and games for children. We can use it as the menu cards for reception stations.

How to Decorate with Creative Fortune Teller

We must be creative in decorating our wedding reception. You can use one blank sheet of paper. To make it more interesting you can print the template.

You can use colorful paper. Write down the name of the foods on the outside of the paper. You can write the ingredients of the food on the inside of the paper.

It will give your guests information about the foods. They will not be confused in deciding what they will eat. It also makes your tables more beautiful.

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Simplest Written in Chalk for Different Wedding

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You can use chalkboard as your menu cards. It is the simplest way to making menu cards wedding reception. You do not need to print the paper.

Just write the menu on the chalkboard. You can use colorful chalks. They create a beautiful color.

Making this menu cards needs a creativity. You can use different colors for each character. Draw variety foods and drinks to make it more interesting.

You can place the chalkboard wherever you want. Decorate it with the elegant frame to make it more beautiful. Your guests will read the chalkboard menu.

You can hang the chalkboard above each station. Your guests will know what the foods on the stations easily.

Unique Napkin Menu with Creative Napkins

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One of the most unique and useful menu cards is napkin menu. You can use it as menu card and napkin. This kind of wedding reception menu cards has many usages.

Print the menu list on the napkin. Your guests can see the menu list while eating. You can prepare the napkin on each table and station’ tables.

Your guests will love the napkins menu ideas. They can know whole menus while enjoying their meals. Your guests do not need to look menu cards on each station.

It may cost more expensive than another menu cards. You must provide napkin menus for every guest.

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Wedding menu cards for stations help your guests to recognize the foods easily. They can know what the ingredients of the foods. They want to try your foods.


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