Are you arranging the lists of the wedding food stations menu? You should read this article. This article will provide some inspirations for you.

Wedding menus are an important thing to consider. The foods will allow you to welcome the guests with pleasure. Many guests will be memorable with the food menus that you provide.

One of the popular styles is the food station. This kind of wedding menu will make the unique and cool setting. Many couples prefer this food station for some reasons.

They will love setting the attractive menu bars with certain food styles. The caterers will have and offer many types of food bars that are awesome. Every couple will get the great satisfaction of the food bar stations.

Best food Bars to Serve on Budget with Awesome Menus

Do you know how to choose the best fun food stations for weddings? You should know the theme, budget, and styles. The food bars will spend much money.

Short Plates Food Stations for Unique Wedding Menus

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The “Short Plates” tend to be a special food station with two menus in the bar. The costs of the menus are affordable. They range from $10 per person.

  • Coriander Pork Roast with the Tomatillo Sauce of Green Apple
  • Garnish with the Apple Chip
  • Cheese Ravioli food with Wilts of Greens and Garlic Roast
  • Cuban Beef Braise on the Corn Cake with the Chili Lime Crème Fraiche
  • Steak Stacker combination with Onions caramelized and Tomato Jam to serve with the Arugula Roast Potato Salad

Some caterers may provide the numerous menus. Do you feel confused? You should know the most common two combinations of food station for “short plates”.

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Best Food Station for Dinner Wedding Menus

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Do you have the ideas to serve the dinner stations? Dinner menus will last after the cocktail hour. You should know the best menu to serve.

Some menus will combine the cheese and fruits. The other may be the Mediterranean menu displays. Some raw bar stations can enhance the dinner stations to be awesome.

How are the dinner menu stations to serve? We will show some of them that will be perfect for awesome dinnertime. They are kinds of unique wedding food stations.

Mediterranean Display

Some people may prefer to serve the Mediterranean Display. Those Mediterranean wedding menus are:

  • Mushrooms marinates
  • Cured sausages add with mustards
  • Red fire and yellow roasted tomatoes
  • Roll mozzarella
  • Capicola
  • Parma ham slices
  • Homemade crostini bread and focaccia
  • Genoa salami and provolone

Cocktail Displays for Perfect Wedding Food Stations

Every couple will ask to provide the cocktails. The cocktail hour is important. You may arrange the best menu for fresh and cool cocktails.

Some menus are perfect for the cocktail hours. They can be the cocktail drinks, martini bar, sausages, and many others.

What are the best menus for the cocktail stations? You should find the lists.

Martini Bar for Cocktail Hour

Arrange this bar with Martinis and Assortment of the Absolut Vodkas with flavors. The Fruit and Rimmers can be a great companion. You can add the Ice Luge for the Martini Glass.

Hot Butler for Hors d’ Oeuvres

The best menus to serve in this hot butler stations should be impressive. They are:

  • The coconut shrimp and scallops wrap in the bacon
  • Stuffed crab with mushrooms
  • Clams casino and beef wellington
  • Spring rolls (Maui) and Coney franks

Dessert and Coffee Wedding Food Stations

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Do you love dessert and coffee? You may provide these two menus for your wedding reception. This combination will lead your wedding ambiance sweeter.

Choosing the types of cakes or desserts is important. You should know the most-like dessert for all guests. The coffee is the perfect drink to combine with food at fishers station menu.

Some best dessert and coffee menus to add to the sweet bars are:

  • Impressive wedding cakes
  • Chocolate with Strawberries
  • Silver Samovars
  • Fresh Brew La Colombe of Corsica blends with Caffeine
  • Monte Carlo decaffeinate Coffee

The desserts and coffee will complete the setting of the menus. Of course, you can send them to some main drinkers.

Carve Food Station for Unique Wedding Bar

The carve food is popular in the traditional and modern wedding menu. Many people choose this carve food. They have certain things with unique serving.

This menu is better to serve as the main dishes as usual. You can note some food bars to serve:

  • Beef steam with Au Jus
  • Prime Beef Rib with Horseradish Cream Sauce
  • Beef Tenderloin with Espresso Rub, Herb Crust, colorful Peppercorn, Ancho Chile Crust
  • Sirloin with Montreal Sirloin Chipotle Mayonnaise, and Garlic Aioli

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Those menus are awesome and special for the wedding food stations menu. You can arrange your perfect wedding menu bars with certain planning. They are important to note and remember.


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