The Wedding Drapery Rentals Chicago will help you to have the memorable and beautiful wedding. The drapery the rentals will provide drape backdrop system and new pipe.

They can be setup easily only in a few minutes. Here, the experience does not require. You should know how to find the best drapery rental in this city.

Best for Chicago Drapery Rentals

Every wedding backdrop is adaptable. The wedding drapery rental will provide poly premier drapes with the highest quality.  you can be satisfied in using the drapes.

Chicago Drapery Rental Cost

wedding draping rental cost
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The backdrop drapes are usually and you are able to add glow color. You can apply a wonderful lighting add-on the package.

Actually, they are wrinkle-free. It means that you must not iron them. You can choose it from the wedding draping rental cost.

The rental cost of Chicago wedding drapery begins at $99 per kit. You may need to pay an additional cost to rent more drapes. The Chicago drapery rental also provides final change for the wedding event.  it will be amazing.

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Setup of Chicago Drapery Rentals

We have discussed above that the wedding drapery setup is easy and quick. It only needs few minutes to setup it. Actually, the kit will provide everything you need.

You can add the package of optional lighting to make the wedding backdrop glowing with any color and any shade. Here, you will see some steps to set up the drapes.

  • You have to setup tripod to stand.
  • Then, you need to attach crossbar + drapes.
  • The last, you should raise stands to wanted height.

Guarantee and Shipping

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You should know if the drapery rental has guaranteed. It is important to find the rental with great shipping ad guarantee.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

The wedding drapery rentals also provide 100% guarantee of satisfaction. The guarantee will be plus value for attracting people. It includes the Chicago wedding rental decor.

Yeah, the rentals can get many customers, more and more.  there are some requirements for getting the 100% guarantee of satisfaction. They are:

  • The backdrops of the drapery rentals are guaranteed to arrive at the place on time. It is about two days before your wedding date
  • The backdrops are guaranteed to come in the wedding place in the perfect condition.
  • The prices of the backdrops are actually all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees.

Free Shipping

wedding reception drapery
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The wedding drapery rentals in Chicago offer free shipping of their customers. Of course, it will require some requirement for the free shipping. Here, you will see some requirements of wedding drapery rental’s free shipping.

  • The free shipping is only for wedding reception drapery in Chicago.
  • The drapery rentals offer the guarantee. it is just for at least two days before wedding date.
  • After finishing the wedding event, customers have to put back the items to the same box. The box has to complete with a label of pre-paid return shipping.
  • Finally, customers have to return the package of the rental items to FedEx. It must be two days after the event finished. The customers also can return based on the schedule a free FedEx pickup.

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This is information about the wedding drapery rentals Chicago. The information above will really help you to know more about how wedding drapery rentals in Chicago.



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