Do you look for the Wedding Drapery Rentals Atlanta? Weddings draping becomes a key element for brides alike and event designers. Soft draping will help to build elegance and an amazing atmosphere in the wedding place.

Actually, the ideas of the wedding draping will include chuppahs, room liners/dividers, ceiling canopies, and backdrops. Here, people have to drape an entire ballroom. They should add dimension with a ceiling treatment.

How to Gain Best Atlanta Draping Rental

We have to make sure to change the ordinary into the extraordinary. That is why wedding drapery rentals near me in Atlanta come to help people get what they want in their wedding.

Pick the Right Wedding Drape Colors

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There are some color options of the wedding drape. It means that people can choose their favorite color. Here, we are going to know the color options.

Velour for Tradeshow, Theatre, and Meetings

This color is famous in the tradeshow, theatre, and meetings. People also can use the velour for screen surround project.

The velour is kind of heavyweight fabric. It is an IFR (Inherently Flame Resistant) fabric. The most popular color of the velour is black.

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Smooth and Wrinkle Lite L’Amour

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The Lite L’Amour is wrinkle-resistant and smooth. This kind of fabric will be very good with a light sheen. You can choose it for wedding ceiling drapery rentals perfectly.

Actually, the light sheen will make each color of the fabric looks brilliant. The Lite L’Amour is very suitable for ceiling treatment and décor. The fabric is the most requested fabric.

Sheer Transparent

The sheer is thin and transparent. Actually, there are many kinds of the sheer, for example, voile and organza. A high quality sheer will give a visually appealing effect.

It means that the fabric will make the wedding place look amazing. The sheer is suitable to soften up a wedding space. The most popular sheer fabric is white.


The poplin is thick fabric. It is thicker than the Lite L’Amour. The poplin is kind of polyester fabric.

It is very suitable as room divides. It is also a popular cost-effective solution. People also can use the fabric to conceal something. This kind of fabric is lightweight and close to opaque.

Set Up and Delivery Wedding Drapery

Some rentals give free delivery. It will depend on the location. The delivery charge will be based on the location (near or far). At least, the delivery charge is about $100.

Sometimes, package pricing is available. It will be available if people combine the draping with other services, for example, Chiavari chair rental or lighting.

Find Proper Price and Payment

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Every wedding drapery cost in Atlanta will have the different price for its service. There is a standard price for wedding drapery rental. It is about $10 per ft. The rental is at least $500.

Rental wedding drapery in Atlanta, people have to deposit 50% to reserve the wedding date. Then, people have to pay about two weeks before the wedding event.

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These are important information about wedding drapery rentals Atlanta. By knowing the information, you can combine wedding drapery price between countries. Therefore, you can choose the best location for holding the wedding.



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