Do you have a planning to provide candy station at your reception? You must think another thing besides the candy you will serve. Wedding candy station bags is another important thing.

Your guests may take more than one candy they like. Candy is small sweet but it takes a long time to eat it. Your guests may have difficulty in bringing it to the reception.

Cute Wedding Candy Station Bags That Most Recommend

The wedding candy buffet paper bags will make your guests bring the candy easily. They can keep their favorite candies in the bag. Your guests may eat it eventually after the reception.

Chinese Takeout Boxes Wedding Theme

wedding candy buffet paper bags
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A Chinese takeout box makes a fun way to bring candies. You can choose the templates that fit into your wedding theme. You can write your gratitude words on it.

Thanks to your guests that they have come to your wedding. It will make the boxes more beautiful. You can write your initial name on it. put several candies inside of it.

Cardstock will make the boxes stronger. You have three options of the sizes. They are large, medium and mini.

The sizes of the boxes depend on the types of the candies. You must provide larger boxes for the lollipop. Smaller boxes can wrap chocolate, sugar candy or chewing gum.

You can fill the boxes with the candies. Let your guests fill their boxes with candies they like. You can add ribbon holder to make it easy to bring.

Stamped Muslin Bags for Unique Rustic Decors

wedding candy buffet bags or boxes
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This kind of wedding candy buffet bags or boxes uses the rustic look of nautical decor. You can use rubber stamps, stamp pads, and twine. Use the color that fit into your wedding theme.

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How to use it

You can stamp your initial name on it. To show your gratitude you can leave a short message for your guests. You can stamp on both sides.

The colorful stamp will make them more beautiful. You can use twine to make the string more interesting. Fit the string with your theme.

Fill the bags with the candies so that your guests will take it. You can give a different sign to different candies inside the bags. You can stamp the names of the candies on the bag.

Let your guests take their own favorite candies. The twine makes your guests hold it easily. It will be cute candy’s bag.

Paper Lunch Bags with Vintage Theme

wedding candy buffet treat bags
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Paper lunch bags may be perfect for the vintage theme. However, you can use these bags for any wedding themes. You just need brown paper bags.

Change the wedding candy buffet treat bags with another material. You can use ivory paper. It is stronger materials for your bags.

You can print the template with whatever words or pictures. They can make the bags more beautiful. Use double tape to stick the top of the bags.

You can add the ribbon as the decoration. Use thread rickrack through the hole to close the bag. You can use colorful ribbon or thread.

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Wedding candy station bags is a cute bag for wrapping the candies. You must pack the candies in the beautiful bags.


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