Sharing food with your guests at a wedding does not have to expensive. You can save your money on food and drink at your wedding as well. This article contains wedding buffet menu ideas on a budget.

Wedding buffet is formal ideas. This buffet will serve for the seating party. You may know the best ways to serve.

How to Arrange the Best Wedding Buffets

It is important to arrange the wedding buffets. You must know the wedding reception buffet menu ideas on a budget. We will give some information here.

Provide your own appetizers

wedding reception buffet menu ideas on a budget
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This may sound time-consuming but actually, it is easy. You can choose frozen food. Then you can warm up right before cocktail hour.

Most caterers give a high prize for appetizers. You can save your money up to 50%.

Go Simple

There is a possibility that your guests are hungry when they arrive at the reception. Most of them do not care about the food. They will eat whatever they see.

It is better to have some sort of snack. You can serve simple crackers, cheese squares, and some fruit. Your guest will feel satisfying to eat them.

Bring Your Own Beverages

You can bring your own beverage at your wedding. Make sure you have permission from the wedding venue’s organizer.

Perfect Beverages

You can bring beer, wine, and liquor. You can avoid paying that service because you can serve yourself.

Limit Open Bar

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You can limit the time for opening the bar. It can limit it to the first hour or two. Your guests will have a drink when they are arriving at your reception.

You can close the bar during mealtime. Most of them will be busy eating. They may prefer the wedding reception food station ideas.

Don’t Serve Out of Season

You can find many foods are seasonal. So make sure that you do not serve them out of season. You can serve food with available ingredients.

This will be costly. You do not need to pay more. You can reduce the transportation’s food.

Have a Simple Display Cake

You do not need to have an extravagant seven-tier wedding cake. Most of the guests will not eat your wedding cake. Therefore, you can serve simple wedding cake.

There are many bakeries, which have simple but elegant cake.

Have a Sweet Bar

You can buy many kinds of candies. They are:

Sweet Candies

They are a lollipop, candy bar, cotton candy, jellybean, gummy candy. There are many kinds of candies, which can sweet your parties.


You can pack them into plastic or paper. It will make a cute packaging.

You can serve different desserts such as brownies, cookies, and pies. Let your guest choose whatever they want. This is much cheaper than a wedding cake.

Serve Smaller Slices

food ideas for wedding reception buffet
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If you want to serve, wedding cake there is a way to save your money. You can downsize it. It can slice it into smaller slices.

You may serve the food ideas for wedding reception buffet. The buffet station will enhance great style. The buffet will look different.

Order Take Out

It is your wedding so you can serve foods that you like. You can order fast food such as pizza, hamburger, hotdog, etc.

Then you can put them on buffet tables. You can save money from this idea.

Do not worry about your catering cost. We can solve your problem by wedding buffet menu ideas on a budget above!



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