The Wall draping for a wedding can be intimidating and very large job. However, you can do it perfectly by using proper planning and measurements. Of course, it will be inexpensively and perfectly.

Draping wall wedding will need some materials. You need to know steps to drape the wall wedding. Here, you will know the information more and more.

4 Things for Wonderful Wall Wedding

Let us see some things for having wonderful wall wedding. You should know these 4 tips to create wonderful wall draping.

Suitable Fabric for Wall Draping

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Many kinds of fabric are available for ceiling and wall draping for weddings. Each kind of fabric will need different properties. The suitable properties will really help you to drape the certain kind of fabric on the wall.

Lightweight Materials

Sheer fabrics, gauze, or tulle, are very lightweight. They are float appearance and have a light. The gauze fabric is suitable as window wall covering. Then, the sunlight will still go through to the room.

Light Fabric

Satins are kind of light fabric. This kind of fabric will add an elegant and luxurious look to the wedding room. The satin will be suitable for you with the luxurious wedding.

Damasks, brocades, velvet, and similar fabrics are very heavy. It is heavy in the feeling they add and in actual weight. These kinds of fabric are very luxurious and rich.

Swag Draping to Choose

Luxurious and softness feel can come in the wedding room by using fabric wall draping. Actually, you can cover all sides of the room by using fabric. However, you can drape the wedding wall along the top.

You should apply cup hooks near to the ceiling in the wall studs. Then, you have to take a long fabric. The fabric should lie loosely across the cup hooks.

After that, you should pinch the long fabric at every cup hook. Then, the hook will hold the fabric stay in the place.

You have to pull the bottom of the fabric between every hook. S, the fabric will fall in a loose.

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Types of Wall Draping

DIY wall draping for weddings
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You may find some types of the DIY wall draping for weddings. They are the wall-to-wall and wall hanging draping.

Wall-to-Wall Draping

Wall-to-wall draping is unusual looks for a wedding room. This kind of wall draping will full off richness. Actually, the draping will change your mood successfully. Covering all sides of the wall will cover the bad wall with the ugly painting.

Actually, you can use wall-to-wall draping just to add accent on the wall. Do you know?  Installing wall-to-wall draping is very easy. You just need to cut pieces of 1-inch diameter PVC pipe. The length of the pipe depends on the wall’s length.

After that, you should install large cup hooks on the wall studs. It has to close to the ceiling. You may just need to use each other stud.

Then, you have to place the pipe through the loop at the top of curtains. You should lay it around the cup hooks. You need to put the cup hooks between every curtain panel. The cup hooks can hold up your new curtains.

If you want, you can hang photos or pictures on the wall. You should choose the most suitable place to hang them.

Wall Hanging

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Patterned fabric will be suitable for the cheap wall drapes for weddings. The pattern will show cheerfulness and beauty. You should choose an empty and large area of location or wall for the wall hanging effect.

The couples can hem the fabric when if it enables. You should fold the top of the fabric around in a loop. Then, you have to sew it.

You have to be careful in doing the wall hanging. Moreover, you may apply a simple running stitch. You have to avoid damaging the fabric. Do you know? It is expensive and delicate, for example, an antique and old print.

You should install two slightly cup hooks. Wall studs will be necessary for this process. It will better when you install the cup hooks to wall anchors.

You can add decorative items to make the fabric stay in place. The decorative items can be decorative curtain rod, a sanded, copper pipe, and the painted dowel rod, and so on.

Your wedding is special. The drapery can make your decoration excellent. This is your time to decorate your wedding venue with wonderful draping ideas.

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These are important information about wall draping for weddings. By knowing the information, you can plan to have a memorable wedding with wonderful wall draping. You can enhance your wedding wonderfully.


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