Venetian offers a wedding package that will make your special day. It is as magnificent as you can imagine. We have listed Vegas Hotel Wedding Packages Venetian.

Venetian is one of the most romantic hotels in Las Vegas. The location of The Venetian is at 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd. It sets your ceremony in unique ambiances.

Venetian: Best Wedding Venues to Rent

Las Vegas Wedding Packages Venetian Hotel
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We will show you the best packages at Venetian Hotel. You can choose the Las Vegas Wedding Packages Venetian Hotel. This article presents the best recommendation.

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Princess Wedding Package

Wedding Chapel will be your wedding venue in Venetian. You can use the venue for one-half hours. A personal wedding planner will assist you in preparing the ceremony.

The couple will get one half hours photo session. The photographer will take every single moment. You and your love can pose whatever you want.

The photographer will edit and give six 4×6 photo prints. You can keep your beautiful memories in the photos. It is a simple and small wedding.

The chapel can accommodate 10 people. You share your happiness with the closest families. The wedding cost is $1,000.

The package is available from Sunday until Thursday. The bride will get all roses bouquet. The groom will get matching boutonniere.

Gondola Luxury Wedding Package

the Venetian Wedding Packages
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You and your love can exchange vows above a gondola. Glide along the Venetian Grand Canal in a white gondola. The gondola will serenade along the river.

It is a perfect setting for an intimate wedding. You can invite one guest to witness your wedding ceremony. It is a new experience to organize wedding above gondola.

You can consult with a personal wedding planner. They will help you in organizing ceremony details. The bride will get all rose bouquet in the Venetian Wedding Packages.

Your groom will get a matching boutonniere. You will be a perfect couple. The photographer will take your picture for one-half hours.

They will give you six 4×6 color prints. The wedding cost is $1,150. The bride and groom can get 20% discount for a suite room.

Gondola Divine Wedding Package

Venetian Las Vegas packages
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You and your couple can exchange a vow above a white gondola. The personal wedding planner is ready to help you. The wedding couple will get Exclusive Venetian Wedding Marriage Certificate Holder.

Special Facilities and Services

You can enjoy a limousine service for one hour. The photographer will take your pictures for one-half hours. You will get photo print for Venetian Las Vegas packages.

They will give you a wedding ceremony DVD. You will get wedding photo album. The photographer will record your ceremony above the gondola.

The bride will get all rose bouquet. To match the appearance the groom will wear a matching boutonniere. It will make a perfect wedding couple.

The bride and groom will get 20% discount of a suite room. The wedding cost is $1,650. You can use hotels room for 150 guests.

Venetian offers several packages, which you can choose with your needs. The packages make you easy to arrange your wedding. It includes everything you need.

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The Vegas Hotel Wedding Packages Venetian offers romantic packages. You can enjoy the packages for intimate to the romantic wedding. The wedding couple will get different experiences.


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