This is the unique wedding venues San Francisco bay area. You will find several wedding venues offered in the article. The article composes the indoor wedding and outdoor wedding.

Bay Area San Francisco is famous for its wedding venues. It has abundant amounts of unique wedding venues. The venues vary in indoor and outdoor wedding.

Bay Area has many varieties of indoor and outdoor weddings. Each venue has its own features. We will mention several alternatives of the unique venues you can find in Bay Area.

Fabulous Indoor Wedding in Bay Area

The affordable wedding venues San Francisco Bay Area offers the fabulous indoors. Most indoor venues have the fabulous setting. It has artistic and historical features.

affordable wedding venues San Francisco Bay Area
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Unique 16th Street Train Station Wedding

This station-use venue is the other unique option. It has a feeling of Oakland to surround the whole space. The history of the city features the perfect art.

The perfect combination can make your wedding ceremony exclusive. It has the setting of a Mumford and Sons music video.  An HBO original is available.

The venue offers a number of extravagant weddings. The decor contributes the artsy. This elegant and chic and elegant venue will complete your memorable moment.

Haas-Lilienthal House with Victorian Wedding Style

The Haas-Lilienthal House is an intact space. It is a private of Victorian-style home to the public.

The venue is a perfect mixture of original furniture and artifacts. The place is classy. You will have beautiful scenery in the place.

The house is the unique venue existed in the city limits. It is open for any wedding parties for entire home space. The second-floor benefits of the reception.

For the ceremony is in the middle party. The wedding celebration is possible to do in the grand ballroom.

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Big Daddy’s Antiques with Eclectic Vintage

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Big Daddy’s Antiques is an eclectic vintage. You may get the best wedding venues San Francisco Bay Area. It has locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

This place has enormous LA warehouse. It has become a destination for any kinds of weddings and events. The smaller one is suitable for SF store.

It is slightly of a hidden gem. The intimate venue is available for 50 people. It is perfect space for any small and intimate event.

Big Daddy’s Antiques offers complete wedding any warms. You will have hors-d’oeuvre and private nooks. The dining space and other offers could be possible.

Open Air Outdoor Wedding Preferences

The outdoor venues vary from cinema to the zoo. Each venue has its own character with an open-air offer. It depends on you to choose which the best for you.

Foreign Cinema Romantic Restaurant

Foreign Cinema has appeared in the roundup of San Francisco. It is a famous romantic restaurants and cocktail bar, Laszlo. This is one of the favorite places for a cocktail in Bay Area.

It sounds like the perfect endpoint for a wedding. This generates intimate atmosphere. It has unique decor to make it perfect.

The place is gorgeous. You will see a vine, wood, and brick elements surround the place. It has a rural setting with outdoor and indoor spaces.

The outdoor wedding is the best thing to choose. You will have an open space with the gorgeous environment.

The San Francisco Mint Classical Revivalist Venue

The location is at the core of Downtown San Francisco. It is a classical revivalist venue. The place received a renovation.

This beautiful place has historical grandeur as the main feature. It becomes a community assembly place. This place is rich in history and art.

It is a place for you to host your wedding cherished memories.  The impressive walls offer you a warm feeling. You can choose an airy space for the outdoor wedding.

The San Francisco is available for an outdoor event. It provides outdoor courtyard for a breath-taking wedding.

Adorning San Francisco Zoo Wedding Style

outdoor wedding venues San Francisco Bay Area
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The place offers a view of the middle African Savanna. You will see some animals gathering. You can enhance the outdoor wedding venues San Francisco Bay Area.

It is a three-acre habitat. The zoo surrounds the adorned event space. You will have the different sensation to host your wedding.

The other option for your event is in the Mother’s Terrace. This Playfield Lawn can be the other one. The sunny and forested of Wildlife Theater is available.

Spaces will vary in capacity and pricing. You are better to select the best one fits your wedding.

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The unique wedding venues San Francisco bay area is various. It offers indoor and outdoor venue for your wedding. We hope you find the one that fits your need.


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