Are you curious with the unique wedding venues in Colorado? A unique setting will make your wedding event be memorable. You and your guests will have a different experience.

Have you already engaged? It is time to start planning your upcoming wedding day. We are here to help you decide your wedding venues.

Wedding venue in Colorado can enhance some uniqueness. Do you find one of them? This is your time to discover the unique venue for a perfect wedding.

Top Unusual Venues in Colorado

Read this article and you will know how unique Colorado is. This city can provide many distinguish uniqueness. You should find some of the wedding venues in Arvada Colorado and others.

Unique Bearcat Stables Riding and Ranch

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Bearcat is a horseback riding stable and ranch. It offers you a unique wedding experience. It provides cabin, outdoor pavilion, 3 acres groomed meadow.

The other amenities are a stage with outdoor dance floor and bar and a fire pit. The summer location is suitable for parties up to 200 guests.

You can use the venues on May-October. For an outdoor venue, you may need tents to be rented.

Ashcroft Ghost Town with Its Historic Venue

Ashcroft Ghost Town is a historic ghost town in pristine Castle Creek Valley. It provides unique wedding photography. It is 11 miles south of Aspen on the Castle Creek Road.

You and your guests will make a moment to remember in this setting. We can  use the venue from June to September. You can start to use the venue at 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

You can use the venue for wedding ceremony only. The venue is available for 75 guests. We cannot bring our foods there is no place for a reception.

Bella Vista Natural and Romantic Wedding

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Bella Vista is an amazing venue for your natural and romantic wedding. You will have a majestic view of Rocky Mountain valley. You can have all of them in a private and secluded estate.

It will give you, your family and your guests stay in one location. You and your guest may relax and have fun together. The wedding venues in Aurora Colorado may be perfect for you.

You can exclusively use of the Estate for the entirety of your stay. In the peak season, it is available for 200 guests. It is available for 50 guests in off-season and ski season.

They serve 40×60 meter event tents. You can use the tent for peak season wedding. You can bring your own alcohol at your event.

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Butterfly Pavilion for Amazing Experience

In Butterfly Pavilion, you will have an amazing experience. You can get married amongst 1,600 free flying exotic butterflies. It takes place in the lush and tropical Wings of the Tropics Conservatory.

It serves not only outdoor spaces and indoor spaces. The venues are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can use the venue at 10:00AM-2:00 PM or 5:00-8:00 PM.

Wings Location and Spot

Wings of the Tropics Exhibit are available for 30 guests. Its rice is $50. The package of the large outdoor gazebo is available for 200 guests. Its price is $750.

For outdoor patio and amphitheater are available for 200 guests. You must pay the fee $750. For the weekday package, it is cheaper.

Coors Field Organizing Unique Spot

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There is events space at Coors Field part of wedding venues in Aspen Colorado. You will have a unique wedding by organizing your wedding at it. You can use several center rooms for your wedding day.

Suite level Location

Its location is on the Suite level between home plate and 1st base. For standing reception venue, it can accommodate 350 guests. The seated reception can accommodate 250 guests.

Venue and Facility Fee

For facility fee, you must pay $3,000. It is for 4-hours of the facility rental, cleaning, security, and the non-game option for day parking.

You must pay $350 for using Super Suite 11 and Conference Room. For Super Suite 11 and Conference Room, you must pay $450. It includes 3 hours event time.

Denver Zoo Promising Humans and Animals

You can exchange your promise in front of humans and animals. It is available for your wedding at the Denver Zoo.

The couple may rent the entire zoo or one of three separate event zones. You can organize your event at in indoor venues. They are the Gates Education Center and Norgren Hall.

Three Types of Norgren Hall

They are three types of Norgren Hall. The maximum capacity of Norgren Hall is 300 guests. It can accommodate 500 people on cabaret style. The rental fee ranges from $750 to $3,300.

You can rent Conoco Zoo Gardens as your outdoor wedding venues.  It can accommodate 200 people. You can use the venue for all day long.

You must pay $3,400. It includes 200 admission tickets for half of the pavilion.

Colorado is a popular place of the Rocky Mountains view. Having an amazing place with beautiful view will complete a unique place.

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There are several places for organizing your special events. You can use unique wedding venues in Colorado to organize your wedding day.


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