The Unique wedding food stations are where you can find unique foods. The uniqueness of the foods will interest your guests. They will interest in trying your foods.

You can serve unusual foods at your wedding. The food is the one who will impress your guests. They please to find something different in your reception.

What Are the Best Food Bar for Unique Style?

The unique food stations at a wedding are cool likely the couple. You can reflect your uniqueness into your foods stations. See the list below of unique food that you can serve.

Caprese and Salad Cones for Fresh Wedding Menu

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You can serve Caprese cone or salad cone. Most of your guests will love to eat this. It comes from Campania.

You can make the cone with parmesan crackers. The other cones are from savory waffle cone. It is easy to make.

You can bake cheese in a hot oven until they start to get golden. Remove them from oven and let them harden. You can shape them into a cone before it cool.

Get it with basil and it will add strong flavors. You have options to serve them on a plate or just in the cone.

Fill the cone with fresh tomato and bufala mozzarella. Put them on a bed of baby arugula with extra virgin olive oil. It is fit for one bite.

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Clambake Traditional Wedding Menu with Seafood

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Clambake is a traditional method of cooking seafood. You can use lobster, mussels, crabs, soft-shell clams, and quahogs. Cooking them is steaming the ingredients over layers of seaweed.

You can supplement the shellfish with vegetables. They are onions, carrots, and corn on the cob. You can arrange those unique food stations for a wedding in the plate.

Your guests just take one plate then enjoy it. Serving it warm is a better choice. You can store them in the container to keep them warm.

Let your guests take whatever ingredients they like. You can arrange the ingredients on a hot metal grill.

The metal grill will keep them warm. You can add sauce to increase their appetite.

Chicken and Waffle Super Freaking Cute and Tasty

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Chicken and waffle are super freaking cute and tasty. It is a fun way to eat chicken. Chicken and waffle are one of Japanese snack.

The unique wedding food station ideas have a good taste and beautiful presentation. Place the chopped chicken in the hot oil until golden. Put it on the rack to cool it down.

Best Flavors for Waffle and Chicken

Make a waffle with the flour, salt, and pepper. The waffle is not sweet but salty. Put the waffle on a saucer or small plate.

Place the chicken on top of the waffle. You can use various sauces. The best sauce is maple syrup or honey. You can provide another sauce.

Let your guests pour their favorite sauce. You can serve them warm. It is a better way to serve chicken and waffle.

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Serving unique wedding food stations in your wedding is a good choice. They can attract the guests by the unique presentations and ingredients. Your guests will eat them without the rest.


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