The wedding reception is to share happiness with friends and families. One of the important things is about foods. You can try to provide unique interactive food stations.

Food station is the latest wedding food trend. You can find various nibbles food at the stations. The choice of interactive foods will interest your guests.

Unique Food Stations That Will Please Your Guests Perfectly

You must selective in serving foods in your wedding reception. The good choice will interact with your guests. Your guests will love to try unique foods.

Mashed Potato Bar for Elegant Wedding Food Station

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You can serve mashed potato by mashing boiled potatoes. Sour cream, bacon, and cheese can be the toppings. You can serve it in martini glasses for unique food stations for a wedding.

It will add the elegance of the foods. The mashed potato is delicious and beautiful.  You can find a mashed potato on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

Smooth and creamy mashed potatoes make the perfect side dish for any occasions. You can keep them warm in slow cooker. Mashed potato is perfect dish when it is warm.

You can serve them before dinnertime. It is a simple dish. You need four main simple ingredients. They are potato, butter, milk, and salt.

Butter will make it silky. You can add other ingredients to make it more delicious. To mix them you can use an electric hand mixer or stand mixer.

Grilled Cheese Station Ultimate Comfort Food

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Grilled Cheese is an ultimate comfort food for lunch. It provides a choice of sliced bread. You can use classic white, wheat, and rye.

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Herbed Focaccia Addition

Other options are herbed focaccia and crusty ciabatta. You can use various kinds of cheeses for the unique food stations wedding. They are cheddar, pepper jack, and mozzarella.


Provolone creates a melted base. You can use various kinds of fillings. Pickles, pepperoni, ham, sliced tomato and basil can be the filling.

You can meld them by using a tabletop electric grill or Panini press. Making the sandwich’s crispy crust or oozing center is an easy thing. You can make them thick or thin bread.

A perfect ratio of bread and cheese will make it cheesy. It is a mouthwatering food for everyone. They are a good food combination.

Biscuit Bar Station Ultra-Southern Treat Meal

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It is one of ultra-Southern treat meal. Biscuit Bar is perfect for morning or brunch events. You can serve interactive dessert stations at any time of day.

They are easy, affordable, and fun. You can serve butter, jams, and jellies as the compliment. Serving it with sliced ham and sausage gravy make it more delicious.

You can label them in near jars. Buckets, containers, and tubs can decorate your table. You can serve various biscuits.

Another option is serving flavor biscuits. You do not need to serve the companion. It will make simple foods.

Making a pot of coffee will warm the mood. Put out some creamer to make it sweeter. You can have chitchat with tour friends with a biscuit in hand.

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The choice of the menu will determine guests’ interest. Your guests will interact with unique interactive food stations. They want to try the unique foods, which you provide.


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