Summer is coming! People may be confused on selecting the best summer wedding menu ideas. Not all of foods are good to serve when summer. People are so selective.

There are plentiful preferences to choose for a summer wedding season. Some couples get confused to select which one is the most suitable. They turn to think very hard for it.

Do not worry for this matter. You will find it easy by reading this article. This article provides you some items on summer wedding menus.

Most Restful Menu Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Are you getting confused to find summer wedding reception menu ideas? Here, we will provide several preferences for your wedding menu. We hope it is helpful for you.

Iced Bar Availability

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The availability of an iced bar with a few diverse types of iced citrus, cokes, soft drinks, tea, a heap of lemons, and mason jars will be eye catchy. We sure your guests will love to make their own iced drink.

Lemonade Bar

It is quite similar to the iced bar. The lemonade bar is fun to keep the people hydrated in your wedding. A bartender on the bar and ready to provide a lemonade cocktail is better.

Gourmet Ice

It is an endless option for providing dazzling gourmet ice chops for your summer wedding.


Do not forget to add berries, garden-fresh herbs, or flowers. Put a pitcher of water on a table and fill with those ingredients. You will then have a simple but gorgeous addition of cornerstone.

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Cold Appetizers

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The cold appetizer is a welcome variation on a hot season. It is perfect to any summer wedding food ideas on a budget.

Shrimp Cocktail

You can have shrimp cocktail in a box of ice for a classic appetizer.

Caprese Salad

We can combine caprese salad like tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese. This menu is more creative and up-to-date.


Carry a BBQ session into your wedding reception. Serve your guests with perfect grilled foods. You may get your guests a bite-sized treat from them. It is greater for you to have mini-burgers as the appetizer.

Sundae Buffet 

A typical banquet of cakes and breads will be mainstream. Make your guests pick their own icings with a cup of ice cream sundae buffet. You can include various fixings like rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sauce. You sure indulge your guests with a lovely dessert.

Fresh Popsicles

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It is varied in colors, sizes and flavors. The popsicles will be a wanted late-night meal at your wedding. The attracting colors will not make your guests get through this snack.

The presence of these wedding menu ideas for a summer wedding can enhance the pop colors. You may not ignore or avoid adding the popsicles. They are lovely.

Any people at any age love eating them. They can help your summer wedding joyful and colorful. You may try arranging it.

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Do you find something your summer wedding foods? You are worth reading the article of summer wedding menu ideas above. We hope you have found what you are looking for.


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