There are many fabulous foods, which suit to summer month. It will be hard to choose the menu for your summer wedding. We provide some summer wedding menu ideas buffet.

Is your wedding event-taking place on a beautiful summer day? There are ideas of cool summer drink and snack. Those menus will fresh your guest’s body and mind.

Most Awesome Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

Here we provide the most summer wedding menu ideas. Those ideas help you find the right wedding menus in summer. You should read this article.

Refreshing Drinks

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Let your guest slake their thirst. You can provide fresh drink to start your wedding party.

Nonalcoholic Lemonade

Nonalcoholic lemonade or ice tea is popular. The people can display different flavors and color lemonade or tea. You can pour them in giant glass jugs along with cutting fruit for the garnish.

You can make them into lovable looks. Their color can be a beautiful decoration.

Favorite Ice Tea

There are two types of favorite-ice teas. It is raspberry liqueur and citron vodka. The other is spike cucumber-mint lemonade.

Drinking vodka and simple syrup pressed with mint. We can mix it with lemonade. Slice of cucumber as a garnish for a fun signature cocktail.

Cool Appetizers

The icy appetizer is a good choice. You can cool down your guest in hot weather. Shrimp cocktail on ice is refreshing.

It will make an appropriate appetizer. This is not seafood. You can mix the shrimp and ice.

There is ice and the shrimp can maintain its taste and texture. We can serve it at the buffet.

You can serve the shrimp in cups of shave ice. We may serve shots of gazpacho with cucumber cups or mini Caesar salads.

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Grilled Fish Filet

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The grilled fish fillet is a great menu in a summer wedding. Serve this food as an entrée. Grill it ahead of time. Serve it in a warmer food.

Any kinds of fish will be good. It may be the most delicious filet in your wedding. You may take part at the wedding menu ideas buffet cheap.

Vegetables and Fruits Salad

You can slice the vegetables. Serve it with the skewers. Each skewer counts as one portion.

The summer vegetables are peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and corn. Or you can make salad veggie with many kinds of vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetable salad is a refreshing menu. This gives a colorful presentation.

It will refresh your body and mind.

Is your wedding event-taking place on a beautiful summer day? There are ideas of cool summer drink and snack.

Simple Dessert with Delicate Food

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A simple dessert of vanilla ice cream drizzled with sprinkle is refreshing. Linger Alfresco at a trestle table in the shade.

You can decorate it with lots of aromatic herbs. You can put lemons for a stylish Italian experience.

Or you can make cute ice cream cones. It will give a cute impression to the guest. They will like those menu ideas for wedding reception buffets.

Will you have wedding event at hot temperature? It is important to have a menu that appropriates for your occasion.

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This article helps you to decide which food you should serve. Those summer wedding menu ideas buffet will fresh your guest’s body and mind.



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