You can keep your guest taste but you can choose your personal favorite foods. In this article, we create summer wedding buffet menu ideas. They will give the perfect food ideas for your summer wedding.

In summer, the days get longer and the sun gets hotter. The sweet wedding reception should be a good memory for the couple. How is your summer wedding venue?

Wedding in summertime may bring some benefits. This is your time to prepare for some fresh menus. Many people will feel hot in the summer.

You should recommend some fresh and cool menus for your wedding. It will make your wedding perfect. This article will help you find the best summer wedding buffet food ideas.

Most Popular Menu for Summer Wedding

summer wedding buffet food ideas
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The hot weather is appropriate with the freshness of beverages. Here are some mouthwatering ideas for your summer wedding menu-enjoy it!

Iced Tea Bar

There is a station with different amount of cold drinks. They are iced tea, lemon tea, soft drinks, and syrup. We can serve ice cubes for making it colder and fresh.

The colorful of straws and unique glass can make the table be colorful. Your guest will love to make his or her own drink. They are as refreshment on a hot day!

Lemonade Bar

It is similar to iced tea bar. Lemonade bar can prevent our guest from dehydration. Drinking lemonade is one of the ways to make cool our body.

The presence of bartender will make the party be more interesting. The guest can enjoy the drink directly from the bartender. The guest can enjoy a fresh lemonade cocktail in the station.

Gourmet Ice

There are many options to refresh our body and mind. We can create glamorous gourmet ice cubes by adding other flavors.

Fresh Pitcher Water

A pitcher of fresh water with ice cubes can make a simple and beautiful view.  We can add fruits, fresh herbs even flowers to the drink.

What you add into the ice cubes can match to the wedding décor.

Cold Appetizer

You may serve the appetizer in the cold situation. You may provide these.

Cold Appetizer Menu

A cold appetizer is appropriate on a hot day. It is a perfect menu in summer wedding menu.

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail on a bed ice can be a cold appetizer. The more creative menu can be caprese skewers. It is a combination of typical Caprese salad.

Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil will refresh guest’s mouths.

Carnival Style

You can immerse the guest by serving a carnival-inspired menu. Those are Mini hot dogs, candyfloss, candy apples, popcorn and other snacks.

They are fun food on your wedding menu. You may serve it in the summer wedding. Those are great.

The Fruit and Veggie Bar

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The fruits that suit in summer menu are watermelon. We can mix watermelon in a salad. The salad will be juicier.

Serving watermelon with decorative toothpicks will be more interesting. Ask the guest to enjoy watermelon in simply slice.

We can serve fruits that have much water inside. Those a refreshing feasts on summer wedding menu ideas buffet.

BBQ Inspired

Serving BBQ into your summer wedding reception is a perfect idea. We can serve grilled meat to the guest. Having a barbecue on a summer night is better than having a bite-size treat.

Grilled meat is better than a variety of sliders such as a mini burger. Having BBQ buffet on an outdoor wedding is the best choice.

Sunday Buffet

Let the guest have their own topping in their ice cream. It is better to have ice cream rather than serve cakes and squares.

You can serve many kinds of toppings in your ice cream sundae buffet. Let them choose rainbow sprinkle, chocolate sauce or berries. The guest will love to make his or her own dessert.


Popsicles with many colors, flavors and sizes will be welcome late night snack. The colorful of popsicles will make your wedding be exciting.

The sweet of Popsicle adds the sweetness of your wedding reception. It is a perfect treat to end a summer wedding reception.

Seafood smorgasbord

Seafood is another favorite summer reception menu. Beach and backyard theme is the perfect setting for a clam or lobster bake.

You can fry up fish. Offering them a raw bar of steamed oysters, clams and shrimp is perfect.

Smore’s Bar

summer wedding menu ideas
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Last but not least. You can have s’more bar in your wedding reception. Smore’s bar is popular in a universal campfire.

Smore bar includes easy ingredients. You may provide some skewers, chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers and a safe heat source. It tends to be summer wedding menu ideas.

You can serve personalized napkins or cups to your reception. It allows you to dress up the tables by matching your colors or decor.

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We would love to help you create wedding summer buffet menu ideas. You can take that inspiration to enhance your summer wedding.


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