St. Augustine is one of the wedding venues with an iconic treasure. It has Lightner Museum as St Augustine lighthouse wedding. Henry M. Flagler opened the wedding house in 1888 as regal celebration place for over 125 years.

How is the lighthouse wedding of St. Augustine? It offers outdoor or indoor venue spaces. People can combine culture art, and romance for their wedding in this spaces.

This Lighthouse is unique and romantic with antiquities. The wedding spaces are available for 50 guests. This space will be available for 350 guests to hold the grand event.

Best Things to Discover in Unique Lighthouse Wedding Venue

St. Augustine lighthouse wedding venue
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People can have the intimate wedding reception, ceremonies, and receptions. This Lightner Museum becomes most elegant St. Augustine lighthouse wedding venue. You should know what this place offers for your best wedding.

Awe-Inspiring Wedding Venue Space

The lighthouse wedding of St. Augustine has some locations for the wedding. They are the most awe-inspiring. Some couples have plans to have cocktail hours or wedding ceremony.

The best wedding venues are in the Grand Lobby and Courtyards of the Lightner Museum. That Lightner Museum is Historic Pool and Mezzanine. This space has twin grand staircases and majestic three-story ceiling.

People will be amazed when entering this room. They will get an immersive experience in this room.

Best Spot for Romantic Wedding

Do you want to have the romantic wedding ceremony? You can hold in the largest swimming pool inside the museum.

Your guests can go to the spacious Outdoor Terrace on the second-floor Mezzanine for cocktails time.

You can hold the wedding in the Grand Lobby and Courtyard. This space is elegant with chandeliers with sparkling crystal. Space is wonderful with eight massive arched windows and intricate mosaic tile flooring.

Here are the most breathtaking spaces. The lobby and courtyard are perfect for cocktail reception and wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Package and Price

wedding at St Augustine Lighthouse
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The wedding package in this place is various. It depends on the number of guests and kind of services needed. You should arrange the best wedding at St Augustine Lighthouse.

Do you want to rent the Mezzanine and Historic Pool? You can access exclusively 10 hours of your wedding reception. It is available for 11 hours or wedding ceremony.

The price for renting Historic Pool, Mezzanine and Terrace are between $ 7,000 until $11,000. Then, the price for renting Grand Lobby and Courtyards is about $ 2,500.

What to Note in Lighthouse Wedding Venues

St Augustine Lighthouse wedding ceremony
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The St Augustine Lighthouse wedding ceremony hosts an event every day. It means that you have to book this place as soon as possible. You can get a chance to hold the wedding in the Mezzanine and Historic Pool.

The Lightner Museum gives the discount for its customers. The rate of the discount depends on how far you book the place. It is eligible for rates of discount to book a year or less.

The Lightner Museum provides some beautiful locations to hold the wedding ceremony. These locations are magnificent Grand Lobby, elegant Historic Pool, and picturesque Central Courtyard.

These are information about St Augustine Lighthouse wedding. I believe that you will be interested in this information. You should follow it.


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