Virginia is one of the good locations for having a wedding celebration. It offers the small wedding venues Virginia for you. You may rent it for your best event.

The wedding will be completely amazing to the best wedding venue. It supports your wedding celebration to be more beautiful and memorable. Your guest will be delightful and comfortable to attend your wedding.

Wedding in Virginia is popular. This place offers the small to large venues for the wedding. The small venue is available in stunning settings.

Top 4 Stunning Small Wedding Spots in Virginia

small wedding venues Virginia Beach
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This article will guide you to choose the best wedding venue in Virginia. You might read the article carefully and decide the best ones. The article will show you the stunning small wedding venues Virginia Beach and other areas.

Concord Manor Presenting Gorgeous Wedding Venue

Concord Manor is a gorgeous and perfect style-wedding venue. It has a backdrop and blooming flowers surrounding you. The outdoor space has lush greenery and quiet garden space.

The venue style of this place offers the historic building, park/garden and outdoor. The service of the place offers you the outdoor ceremony and outdoor reception.

The maximum capacity of this place is 250 guests for the outdoor ceremony. The place can accommodate 250 guests for an outdoor reception.  You may rent this venue for 4 hours and must end by 10:30 PM.

Looking at the rental fee of the venue, it ranges from $3,500 including 4 hours of event time. I include the timely preparation and for cleaning up. The wedding cost of the venue is between $5,274 and $9,512 for ceremony and reception. It includes 100 guests and the catering as well.

Westin Richmond Standing out the Natural Wedding Venue

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The Westin Richmond stands in Richmond Virginia. It offers the neutral colored space with the romantic decoration. It offers the outdoor patio that is available for having a ceremony and cocktail hour.

Two Styles for the Venue

You can choose the two styles for the venue namely Hotel/Resort and ballrooms. The service offers you indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception too. It is like in the wedding venues Virginia Castle.

The capacity of the space is 250 guests for indoor ceremony and reception. The outdoor is available for 80 guests in the ceremony.

The time restriction gives the duration space for you until midnight. The venue provides the catering as well. You may use it without looking for other catering vendors.

Talking about its price, the venue gives the price ranges from $1,800 to $3, 00.  This price is valid for reception including 5.5 hours of event time. The wedding cost is between $10,084 and $17,097 for ceremony and reception for 100 guests.

La Sandia Tysons Corner for Blissful Wedding

La Sandia, Tysons Corner stands in Northwest of Arlington in McLean. It offers blissful and beautiful restaurant setting for the reception. The venue is an ideal choice for brides and grooms.

It has colorful decoration and an innovative bar design. Space is also ideal for capturing stunning wedding day photos.

La Sandia, Tysons Corner offers banquet hall and restaurant. The service is available for indoor reception. The capacity of the space is 225 guests for a reception.

You may rent the venue starts at 11.00AM and must end by 11:00 PM. There is no rental fee for the reception. The wedding cost for the event is between $3,491 and $11,897 for reception including 100 guests.

Historic Space Downtown for Modern Wedding Venue

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The Space Downtown stands in the historic district of Charlottesville, Virginia. It offers the refined culinary creation inspiring the guests. It has the combine contemporary style with an industrial touch.

The venue style offers three spots namely Banquet hall/restaurant, event center and modern. It provides indoor reception only for the service. The capacity of the indoor reception is able to accommodate 100 guests.

This place resembles the wedding venues, Virginia Cavan. You may prefer this kind of wedding venue.

You are free to rent the place start at 4:00 PM to 12:00 PM.  The place provides you the catering service with the kind staff. The alcohol is available in this place for the couple and the guests.

Looking at the rental fee, it offers $10 per person for the reception. It includes 6 hours of event time excluding the preparation and cleaning.  The wedding cost of the venue is between $7,501 and $16,015. It is valid for the reception including 100 guests.

You may rent one of them for your special wedding celebration. Book the venue quickly to have the best ones! Those small wedding venues Virginia will influence you to get the best marriage.


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