We intend to give you small wedding venues St Augustine FL. Several wedding venues will be on the list. The venues specified for small wedding events.

St. Augustine is one of the places in Florida. This site offers a huge number of outstanding wedding venues. The wedding venues vary from the capacity and style.

Best Small Wedding Venues for Big Outstanding

A small wedding is a favorite for some couples. Are you looking for these kinds of small wedding venues?  We are present to provide you the small and best venue to choose.

Surf and Sand Resort with Exotic Mediterranean Beach

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The venue locates on 1555 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach. These beach wedding venues St Augustine FL offer place near waters with exotic Mediterranean. You will enjoy the panoramic 180 view overseeing the ocean.

Surf and Sand Resort provides oceanfront views with tranquil fountains. It has unique ballrooms having immaculate décor. Some delicious cuisine will make the resort the impeccable.

Its venue style brings a banquet hall and hotel criteria. The waterfront view and beach will be the other unique segment. Other styles incorporate the ballrooms and outdoor event.

Services and Amenities

The services include the outdoor ceremony. An indoor reception will be free to access. The capacity is maximum 180 people for both services.

Flexible time to start is available. All kinds of events should end by midnight. You will find No rental fee for a wedding reception. Fee for ceremony arrays starts from $950 to $4,000 reliant on the location.

The wedding cost is between $20,537 and $26,446. This number includes a ceremony and reception of 100 guests.

With the average cost, the catering is available. The facility for alcohol may be free to access.

Fete the Venue for Fascinating Modern Wedding

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The site of the venue is at 3101 Red Hill Avenue, Costa Mesa. Fête the Venue derives from a fascinating of modern style. The cheap wedding venues St Augustine FL present a French and industrial vibe including a spacious layout.

It is appropriate for both a small and lavish wedding.  The venue fits to make the local and tourists excited.  Space has over 7,000 square feet of space for a spectacular event.

The venue style varies from event center and ballrooms. An outdoor and modern style will be open to accommodate.

Services incorporate the indoor and outdoor ceremony. The indoor ceremony can hold 450 guests. An outdoor one is to accommodate 400 people.

An indoor reception is accessible. This service has a maximum capacity of 450 guests. The setting up event is 2 hours from the start time.

All kinds of events must finish by 2:00 AM. The rental cost varies from $6,000 to $9,000. This number is for a reception and ceremony. Its average cost will be starting from 11,770 and $17,475.

Those prices include a reception and ceremony for 100 guests. You are free to select the catering from the list. The alcohol service may be available.

La Mirada Golf Course for Charming Wedding

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The location is at 15501 Alicante Road, La Mirada. Offer your wedding with a charming terrace of the golf course. You can create your special day in a ballroom having panoramic views.

Style of La Mirada will range from golf course and ocean. This waterfront view with the outdoor style may be available to present. Another style is the modern kind of wedding.

The service includes the outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. The capacity ranges from 200 to 350 guests for both services. You can enhance the small wedding venues in St Augustine FL.

Setting time can begin at 11:00 AM. Any kinds of events end by 1:00 AM. No rental fee is available.

The average cost for a wedding is between $5,989 and $11,979. It involves a ceremony and reception of 100 guests. Both catering and alcohol are available.

This is a list of the Small Wedding Venues St Augustine Fl. Let us check and find the most suitable venue. We hope it offers you useful preferences.


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