Are you looking for the Small Wedding Venues in Kansas City? Kansas has many venues for the wedding. You can arrange your wedding plan. They will give memorable wedding day. You can host the ceremony and reception perfectly.

The wedding day is a great moment. You must know the best venue in Kansas. We will present some memorable venues for your wedding. They are available for small wedding hosting. Read this article and get the ideas.

Best Small Chapel for Wedding

Kansas has many chapels for a wedding event. You can rent one of them. We offer the most incredible small wedding chapels in Kansas City.

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Pilgrim Wedding Chapel

This wedding chapel is in the Gillham Rd, Kansas. You can choose this venue for the cheap chapel. It offers the fact of the winsome Chapel with a special bonus. This Pilgrim Chapel provides a breathtaking wedding ambiance.

The Fabulous Loretto

The Loretto is a fabulous wedding chapel in Kansas. This venue has characteristic on the building. It features the old architecture in 1903. This chapel can serve the elegant wedding nuance. You can choose this wedding chapel in Kansas City.

The GOD Squad

The GOD Squad wedding chapel is in the W Meyer Blvd, Kansas. We recommend highly this chapel for a warm and welcoming wedding. This venue is personable. You can invite the small guests in this chapel. It brings every ambiance perfect.

Wonderful Outdoor Wedding Venues

Many people prefer to get the informal wedding. You may choose the outdoor reception and ceremony. The outdoor place will provide informal touch. You can find some best places for an outdoor wedding in Kansas.

Beautiful Venue in the Garden / Park

Some couples prefer to get the garden or park. Is there any garden in Kansas for the wedding? We recommend you to set your garden wedding venues Kansas City. They are available to host.

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Memorable Swope Park Venue

This Swope Park offers the memorable wedding nuance. The park completes the Memorial building by Charles Keck. The architecture evokes the ancient atmosphere of 20s century. It gives unique backdrop with the massive columns and decorative lanterns. You can set this venue for 150 guests.

The Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden

This rose garden is in the Kansas City. It establishes the romantic and intimate wedding. You may choose this Municipal Rose garden for a dream wedding. This garden is available to host the dreamy outdoor wedding. It gives enchanting backdrop. You can host a small wedding for about 200 guests.

Fresh Hillside Fountain

You can look for the Freedom Spirit of the Fountain Details. This hillside park is a kind of Boulevard Park for Emanuel Cleaver. It provides the retaining pool with beautiful fountain details. You can see the breathtaking and enormous sculpture. This place is perfect for a small wedding at 250 guests.

Magnificent Golf Club Wedding

Golf Club is one of the most popular wedding venues in Kansas. You can choose this area with panoramic views. Some Golf Clubs are available. You may be able to find the Kansas City wedding venues under $1000.

Hillcrest Golf and Country Club

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Do you love magnificent wide lawn? Your wedding can be perfect at the Hillcrest Golf and Country Club. It is up to 400 guests. The various packages are available. You may choose the golf club wedding. This place offers the stunning ponds and golf course. You may overlook the wide spreading lawn. They are endless.

Deer Creek Golf Club

This Deer Creek Golf Club is in the Overland park. It is a championship golf club. You can host an outdoor wedding venue in this area. They offer the winding creeks and woody areas. You can prefer this Golf Club for intimate banquette wedding. This is available for 240 guests.

Brookridge Golf and Country Club

You can celebrate your wedding in the wonderful Brookridge Golf and Country Club. This private golf area can boast your wedding with its panoramic views.

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This area offers the open blue sky with tall trees. This golf course is a perfect venue for a fresh outdoor wedding. You can host the wedding for around 50 guests.

Luxurious Indoor Wedding

Are you looking for the indoor wedding? Kansas offers numerous indoor venues for the small wedding. You can get the ballroom, restaurant, or hall. Here are the resumes. There are no free wedding venues Kansas City.

Ambassador Hotel in Kansas

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Do you look for the small ballroom for the wedding? The Ambassador Hotel offers the small and large venue. This hotel can provide the intimate wedding venue. It is the first-class ballroom concept. They give full service and facilities for great pleasure. The interior decoration comes with a high signature with traditional decors.

Affare Restaurant and Courtyard

This restaurant offers the small wedding venue. It provides the banquet wedding style. You can arrange your wedding with the fresh cuisine. This restaurant offers the modern German experience. It tends to be a stunning private venue for your wedding. You can invite up to 75 guests.

Fabulous Ararat Events Center

The Ararat Events Center brings the fabulous ballroom. This Ararat Club can be a great choice to host the small wedding. It gives sophistication and modernity. You can decorate the venue with full of audio visual and lighting system. This ballroom is available to accommodate 600 people.

La-Bodega Wedding Hall

You can host a small wedding in the restaurant hall. The La-Bodega is the right choice in Kansas City. This is a unique restaurant wedding venue. It represents Spanish architecture and custom. You can rent this area with complete packages. It is available to accommodate 65 guests. The decoration features the perfect choices of the full color and romance.

Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza

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What is about celebrating the wedding in the Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza? This Inn offers the inexpensive wedding venues in Kansas City. It is a classy wedding venue. All guests will be impressive. You may host the wedding ceremony or celebration in the elegant ballroom. They will be full of amenities and services. You may never miss this venue for your wedding.

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Do you look for the small wedding venue in the Kansas City? You must read this article. We offer the most memorable Small Wedding Venues in Kansas City at the day.


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