Nowadays, small wedding venues in Colorado with intimate nuances are popular. Most people love to have an intimate wedding celebration. Couples prefer to have a private event with small numbers of guests.

Colorado is known as a romantic place or a wedding. This place provides numbers of wedding venues to choose. You can start from the outdoor and indoor wedding venues.

The selection of intimate venues is also available. There are several places allowing couples to build the cherished wedding for their dreams.

Best Intimate Small Wedding Venues in Colorado

best small wedding venues in Colorado
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There are many best small wedding venues in Colorado. Some of you maybe feel confused to choose one. This article contains small wedding venues in Colorado.

It offers you some preferences of small Colorado’s wedding venues. Here we will provide some the most intimate weddings we have. We hope you will find the most appropriate venue for your wedding.

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Stone Mountain Lodge & Cabins for Private Wedding

The venue is located in 18055 North St Vrain Drive Lyons, Colorado. This place is a private Rocky Mountain hideaway. It is a resort of family-run on 45 acres.

The lofty red cliffs surround this area. You can enjoy the pond, on-site pool, and hiking trail. There is also a view of North St. Vrain River.

Outdoor Ceremony Spot

You may have a vine-covered retreat of outdoor ceremony spot for your wedding. Other amenities provide an airy reception tent. It comes with beautiful lighting, tables, and chairs. In addition, there is a climate-controlled tent and a garden zone with a trivial shelter.

Night Celebration

In addition, there is a reservation for a night celebration. This reservation consists of the 21 guest accommodations. These are available in the historic lodge, cabins, and lodge. All of these feature relaxing furnishings, pine furniture, fireplaces, etc.

Indoor Wedding Availability

The venue accommodates a maximum number of 150 people for an indoor wedding. For an outdoor wedding, it provides 160 seats. To rent the venue, you need $2,270 for 75 guests. For a wedding package, it ranges $5,100–$8,100.

Meadow at Marshdale: Cheerful and Unique Red Barn

small wedding venues in Colorado Mountains
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This is the small wedding venues in Colorado Mountains. Its location is on 27826 of Alabraska Lane, Evergreen, Colorado.

You and your guests will love to explore this pleasant town. Evergreen becomes archetypal of Colorado mountain hamlet. Pretty shops, countless restaurants, and a prosperous local art sight feature it.

The Meadow has a cheerful and unique red barn. It is three-story of beauty with a wrapped balcony. This barn overlooks the core inferior floor.

It loads numbers of windows to release the light. The outdoor space offers a “Bar Shed” to host a memorable cocktail time.

The venue is available for extra space. It includes two cozy staging areas. They are the Cottage, the Parlor, and the Den. The venue capacity is maximum 125 guests for both indoors and outdoors.

The venue rental fee is ranging from $2,700–4,800. The price depends on the length and the day of the week. There will be discounts for off-seasons from November up to April.

Piney River Ranch with Cozy Wedding Lake Views

The venue is situated overhead 10,000 feet of the land. It is a trek to get to the mountains surrounding Vail.  This place is so worth it.

There is a cozy up following to a glacial lake. This natural venue features awe-inspiring sights. You can see canoes, hiking trails, lakeside lodges, and tents.

You are available to rent out all the tents and cabins for your guests.  In addition, you can have a lakeside appearance for your awesome wedding. The residents will directly create the lake.

The Moss Denver Offering Warm and Charming

small wedding venues in Colorado Springs
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The Moss Denver tends to be the small wedding venues in Colorado Springs. You can find the venue on 200 Santa Fe Drive Denver, Colorado. They restored this 1936 building for better design.

It becomes an ultimate urban chic styled. The venue displays visible rafters and shiny cement floors. In addition, there are vast windows letting in loads of light. The vibe here is the both warm and industrial.

The venue has collections of furniture and decoration for rent. It includes cocktail tables and handcrafted farm. The venue has a partner as well. It is a Project Floral. It specializes in designing beautiful and unique space.

The venue provides maximum 200 numbers for indoor only. The venue ranges from $4,500–7,000. The fee depends on the time of year and day of the week.

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These all above are some of the small wedding venues in Colorado. We have mentioned several alternatives for you to choose. We hope we give you the best choices from it.


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