Enjoying the wedding reception with the bay view will complete the nuance. You may also set such Small Wedding Venues Bay Area. Today, many couples prefer to get the outdoor wedding for informal reception or party. One of them is the bay.

This world has many spots for celebrating or arranging the wedding in the Bay Area. With the bay view backdrop, this creates full spirit, joy, and picturesque. Do you plan this kind of all-inclusive wedding packages bay area? Let see the best wedding venues in the Bay area around the world.

Thomas Fogarty Winery in the Woodside California

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Ideally, this area creates a very picturesque bay area. Yeah, Thomas Fogarty Winery brings your wedding venue with San Francisco Bay area. It is in Sant Cruz Mountains in the Woodside. It offers the sweeping panoramic scenery.

This area can accommodate up to 216 guests. To rent this venue with the stunning bay view, you must spend $4,500 for the starting price. In this venue, you will also get some packages that complete the wedding full of scenery and facilities.

Unforgettable Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton California

Do you want to set a wedding in the luxurious bay area? This Ritz Carlton, the Half Moon Bay in California is the right choice. This wedding venue offers the Cliffside resorts along the magnificent California coastline. This unbeatable spot presents the unforgettable bay scenery.

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Arranging the wedding in this area will complete with the cuisines and services offered. It is available for 400 guests. You can set the bay area outdoor wedding venues or even indoor in the ballroom. Of course, the options are available. The costs of facilities will be applicable and dependable based on the reception and ceremony venues and events.

Wonderful Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon California

This Bridges Golf Club serves a wonderful Mediterranean country club style. This perches in the Mount Diablo foothills. This area is now available for wedding venue rent. You can set the wedding on this green and lush area with the dramatic views surrounding.

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The condition of this Golf Club area in San Ramon is perfect for wedding backdrop. The East Bay views and hills complete the setting. You can rent this area to accommodate 300 guests. The rental cost will start from $300 to $2,000 depending on the space and facilities.

Unique Winery SF California

Once more in California, you will find the wedding venue in the bay areas. This is it the Winery SF in San Francisco. You can discover this bay area as the famous Treasure Island in the world. It is very awesome to arrange the wedding here. It brings the unique wedding venues bay area with comparable views of the bay and skyline on the 20,00 sq.

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They also provide the large waterfront facility area set as the backdrop for your wedding. This Winery SF can accommodate more people for your dream wedding. The price of the rental will be around $90 / person. There are also some additional chargers for the venue, facility, or even security depending on the choices.

Homewood Mountain Resort for Lake View Wedding

Are you going to set a wedding with a lake view on the bay area? The Homewood Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe can be the best choice. This resort offers the wedding venue on the mountaintop overlooking the lake views.

This enhances you to have the ceremony on the 900 ft. above the Lake Tahoe. With the stunning view, this you need to spend $7,000 for Peak Season Sunday to Friday. The price will be also dependable. You may get $6,000 for the South Lodge with $2,000.

Ventana Inn and Spa Bay Area California

In California, you will get the magnificent resort for your wedding reception venues bay area. That is the Ventana Inn and Spa. This is on the coastal California as the ultimate small wedding. You can rent the area that brings the coastal view from the bay area.

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This resort offers the indoor and outdoor location for a wedding. For an outdoor wedding, the venue really reflects the area overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Even it is a small venue this can accommodate 150 people. You can rent this at $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the spot and facilities.

Chateau St Jean: Pure Sonoma

Having elegant wedding with the picturesque backdrop will make perfect. You can rent the Pure Sonoma Chateau St. Jean. This wedding venue tends to be the excellent area with beautiful landscape bay area.

The situation of this wedding venue will match with the picturesque property for unforgettable moment and experience. You can set the wedding on this bay venue for 150 people. It starts at $10,000 or $12,000 for the reception or ceremony. When you invite more than 150 guests, you will get charge $25 / guest.

Crow Canyon Country Club

Enjoy the wedding venues east bay in the Crown Canyon. Popularly, Crow Canyon tends to be the best wedding venue in the secret east Bay. It locates on the Mount Diablo Foothill. This area offers the serene nuance and ambiance with surrounding redwood trees.

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The wedding venue is real with some options. You can choose the venue on the terrace, outdoor venue, or even in the walking bridge that makes your wedding unique and memorable. Get this place for 300 people. The rent costs will start around $1,800 for the main ballroom and other prices for the different area.

Cliff House Wedding Venue

Do you dream of holding the wedding on the edge of an ocean? The Cliff House in the US is one of the most famous urban national parks. This Cliff House is actually the part of the Sutro Historic District. You can rent the venue on the outdoor cliff area, terrace, or even ballroom.

Of course, you need to spend the cost around $500/hour for this venue. The rental fees for this area include the daytime events to evening events. Of course, this will influence the budget. This area can accommodate the capacity 120 people.

Gatekeeper Museum: Best Lakefront Wedding Venue

Gatekeeper Museum is popular with its wedding venue. The wedding venue completes with the wonderful lakefront spots. This is also famous as the William B, the Layton Park as a home of the Marion Steinbach in the museum.

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This bay area overlooks the lake view of Lake Tahoe. It makes the perfect combination to hold a wedding reception or ceremony in the Gatekeeper Museum. The rental fee of this small wedding packages bay area starts at $3,000 for 6 hours or $5,000 a day. This area has the capacity for 300.

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Now, what do you think of having weddings in the bay area? This world has so many choices for the bay area venues in the world. You can check for the information in our gallery. Just set the Small Wedding Venues Bay Area for your best memorable wedding.


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