You can choose simple Vegas weddings. The simplicity of the celebration does not diminish your happiness. Be happy on your wedding day!

Las Vegas is a wedding destination for the wedding couple. It offers many kinds of wedding packages. You can arrange the simple wedding.

Las Vegas will offer the endless love and serenity. Every wedding in this city will run perfectly. You should know how to make it true.

Most Powerful Simple Venues for Best Experience

We will present some most powerful venues with simplicity. The simple wedding venues in Las Vegas will stand out your wedding experience.

Let’s Elope: Historic Little Church of the West

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The simple package is in Little Church of the West. It is a historic church. You can organize the simple Vegas wedding chapel in the church.

This package is for the wedding couple. It includes an abbreviated wedding ceremony. You cannot invite your families or friends.

It does not provide weddings’ music. It will create the simple and quiet wedding. You can enjoy the sacredness aura.

Wedding Cost and Package

The wedding cost is $209. It excludes the minister fee. The minister fee is $60.

It serves professional photographer. The bride and groom can take a picture in the indoor and outdoor venue. You must pay $50 to purchase all of the photos.

They will give personal online photo and video gallery. You can keep your memorable event. They will make an amazing wedding album.

You can book first. It is payable in cash at the time of the ceremony. The payment is flexible.

You must book it online. The ceremonies are available at 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You can choose the language for your ceremony.

They are English and Spanish. The minister will adjust your language. There are two types of the ceremonies.

They are a wedding and vow renewal. You can use chapel or garden as the wedding venues.

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Tie the Knot: Short and Traditional Ceremony

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This kind of simple cheap Las Vegas weddings is a short traditional ceremony. The wedding cost is $399. It excludes the minister fee.

The minister fee is $60. You can pay the wedding cost at the time of the ceremony. The payment is an easy thing to do.

Classic Wedding Package

Classic wedding entry music will enliven the atmosphere. It will create a romantic aura. You can enjoy the music.

The bride will get a hand bouquet flower. It contains 7 fresh roses or carnations. You can customize them.

You can arrange red, ivory, white or pink flowers. The bride will look more beautiful. It provides groom’s boutonniere. It will make a matching couple.

The photographer not only captures the live event. We will get professional indoor and outdoor photo session. Every couple can do the different romantic pose.

You must pay $100 to purchase the photos. The couple will get custom design certificate holder. You will be one of the Vegas Wedding Holder.

The photographer will make a personal online photo and video gallery. You can keep your best memories.

Simple Beautiful Cupid Wedding Chapel Packages

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The package is available at Cupid’s beautiful wedding and receptions. It is at 201 Clark Avenue, Las Vegas. The venues are available at 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

You can use the simple Vegas wedding packages on holidays. A chapel will be your wedding venue. You will get a romantic experience.

You can arrange it into the traditional wedding day. Your wedding will full of glitter and sparkle. You and you’re love will never forget it.

Wedding Cost and Services

The wedding cost is $99. You will enjoy the professional photo session. All people and guests will get indoor and outdoor photo sessions.

You can choose 3 favorite ceremony photographs. The couple gets 3 favorites outside garden photographs. You can express yourself in these photos.

They are all on a CD. You will own the full high-resolution photographs. They will broadcast your live wedding ceremony.

You can access the live internet video broadcast. Traditional wedding music will accompany your wedding. You can choose the music freely.

We are free to use the bridal dressing room. You must be the most beautiful bride. All people must impress your husband to be.

The main chapel will be your wedding venue. Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony will make a romantic atmosphere. They offer wedding ceremonies in several languages.

The language options are Spanish, French, Deutsche, and Italia.

You can specify what you are looking for. The wedding organizers will make your dream come true. You can pick one of the packages above.

You can enjoy the best moment in your life with peace. The presence of the families will add your happiness.

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The Simple Vegas Weddings offer a cheap and quick marriage. Being simple does not mean usual marriage. We can celebrate with joy.



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