View the simple Vegas wedding packages. They offer simple packages. The simplicity of the package will not reduce the intimate of the ceremony.

Do you look for the simplicity in your ceremony? You should know the reviews. We will show the best wedding chapel and venues for simple plan.

Simplicity in Harmony for Wedding in Las Vegas

Vegas Simple Wedding set the special stage for you. The wedding organizer team will make your dream come true. You can pick one of the packages below.

Affordable Special Memory Wedding Package

simple Las Vegas wedding packages
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This Special Memory Wedding chapel offers the entertaining nuance. The simple Las Vegas wedding packages start at $350. The fee includes the Wedding Officiant. They provide music for your wedding.

Entertainment and Services

You will get music when you are walking to the aisle. It is intimate wedding events. The maximum capacity of the guests is 20.

The professional photographer will capture every moment. You will get thirty photo prints. The photographer also takes the picture of the guests.

They are on the CD. The bride will get a silk bridal bouquet. The groom will wear silk groom boutonniere.

It makes the couple looks matching. The guest can use Corsage and Boutonniere for taking a picture.

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My Wedding Day: Best Ceremony Needs

simple Vegas wedding reviews
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The simple Vegas wedding reviews state that this is $175. It includes the wedding ceremony’s needs. You do not need to pay the minister’s fee.

You will get the music on your wedding. The venue can accommodate up to 15 guests. You will get 15 photo prints.

The photographer includes them on the CD. The bride will use silk bridal bouquet. It will make the bride beautiful.

The groom will use silk groom boutonniere. It is to match with the bride. You will get a free vehicle.

It will pick you 40 minutes before the event. You must book it online.

Inexpensive Wedding Window Special Memory

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The package of the simple Vegas wedding chapels cost is $350. It is more expensive but simple wedding. You do not need to pay the minister fee.

What You Can Obtain

You can choose your preferences music. You do not need to pay an extra fee. They will free you in choosing the music.

The music will be your back song. You can choose romantic song while walking to the aisle. The other options are the team will choose the wedding song for you.

It is a small and intimate wedding. The venue can accommodate up to 20 guests. The couple will have a special photo session with the photographer.

You will get the prints of the photo shoot. You will get 30 photos on a CD. The photographer also captures the ceremony moment.

You will get the photos of your guests on the CD. Silk bridal bouquet will make a bride be beautiful. The groom will use silk groom boutonniere to match with the bride.

The guest will use Corsage and boutonniere for taking a picture. It will create a harmony. You will get free accommodation from it. The vehicle will pick you before the event time.

The simple wedding ceremony is especially brief. It includes the vow and I do’s. You can create a simple wedding but meaningful wedding.

The presence of your families and friends will make a festive mood. You can share your happiness in a simple way.

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The simple Vegas Wedding Packages will help you to create the simple wedding. A simple marriage is synonymous with an intimate marriage. A simple wedding does not reduce the couple’s happiness.


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