Do you want to get married on a budget in Las Vegas? They do exist! Your pocket will be safe for the simple cheap Las Vegas weddings.

You can create affordable wedding event without spending a lot of money. See the list of simple cheap weddings to hold in Las Vegas below. You must manage your money well.

3 Affordable Wedding Packages in Las Vegas

You will start your new life. Being simple and cheap does not mean any quality. You can create a beautiful wedding on a low budget.

Drive Through in Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

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This city usually gives cheap Las Vegas wedding chapels. The chapel is famous for offering cool and cheap Las Vegas wedding package. One of them is Drive Through.

It is a unique wedding concept. You will have a wedding celebration in your car. You do not need to leave your car. It is that fast and simple,

You will drive to the courthouse to collect your marriage license. You will continue to drive to a special memory wedding chapel. It is a famous drive through.

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Types of Wedding Packages

The basic package starts at $62.49. You will get a drive-through ceremony with music. The photographer will give you 12 amazing photos.

You can upgrade the package to a supersize package. The couples will get additional 12 photos. You can own ceremony DVD.

You can enjoy one-hour limousine photo tour. The couple will get novelty license plate.

Traditional Wedding for Two in Memory Wedding Chapel

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A Memory Wedding Chapel offers the cheap wedding. It is Traditional Wedding for Two. It has three packages of cheap Las Vegas wedding venues.

Wedding Package Options

They are The Basic Package A. The cost starts at $99.99. The bride and groom will have a single rose and boutonniere. It includes 12 photos.

The second package is The Package B. The wedding cost starts at $164.99. You will get the amenities in package A.

It features a 6 rose bouquet and boutonniere. You will get 24 wedding photos. The couple can have wedding ceremony DVD.

The other package is Package C. The wedding cost is as cheap as Package B. It provides a candlelight ceremony.

It will add romantic aura. The couple will get a 12 rose bouquet and boutonniere. You will get 36 wedding photos and ceremony DVD.

Simple I-Do Package in the Oldest Chapels

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You will get Simple I-Do package in We Kirk’ O Chapel. It is one of the oldest chapels in Las Vegas. It sits on the cozy site.

You will get small and intimate weddings. The cheap Las Vegas weddings start at $87. The wedding coordinator is ready to plan your wedding.

The award-winning photographers will capture every moment. You will get a bouquet of flowers. It provides limousine tour and entertainment.

It includes 5 guests. The wedding music will enliven the wedding. They will give you a wedding souvenir.

Every wedding is different. The package of simple cheap Las Vegas weddings will fit your needs. The cheap wedding package can be as simple as a quick vow exchange.

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The package is fit for your budget. You will need to save money on other needs. You will start a new life with your love.


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