Beach is one of the places, which offers an authentic view of a wedding venue. The beach makes the beautiful wedding as well. One of the ideas for wedding place is San Diego beach wedding venues.

Beach is now a popular place to have the wedding reception and ceremony. It is because the beach offers the realistic view of sea and sky. It is a good choice to create a memorable event for your wedding.

San Diego Beach Venues to Upgrade Your Best Wedding

You may prefer to celebrate your wedding at the beach in San Diego. Here are the lists of top wedding venues in San Diego.

Stunning Windansea Beach Wedding Venue

San Diego beach wedding venues on a budget
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The Windansea beach is one of the top San Diego beach wedding venues on a budget. It has a perfect location in La Jolla beach. The beach is beautiful with the ocean as the wedding backdrop.

There are several services and facilities from this wedding venue. They are including the white chairs for the guests. It also provides you beautiful rose bouquet for the bride.

The wedding venue is in front of the beach and the sea.  The services offer you the setup and clean up. It offers the recorded wedding music during the event.

This beach offers you the special price up to $3500.00 for 30 guests.

Based on the place, this beach is proper for the intimate wedding ceremony.

Affordable View of Calumet Park Wedding Venue

San Diego beach wedding locations
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The Calumet Park is wonderful San Diego beach wedding locations. It offers you the special view from the seashore. You may have the wedding with the picnic concept.

Beach Wedding for Privacy and Intimacy

The beach is proper for the intimate and private wedding ceremony. It is nice and good to enjoy the view during the wedding event. Moreover, you may enjoy the bright sun overhead or at the back.

Calumet beach provides the white seat for 60 guests. By the full- service, you may enjoy the view and some simple decoration. The beach is available for the event up to 06 p.m.

Talking about the price, the beach offers the special price. It is only $40 to rent the park. This price helps you to create beautiful wedding venue without the high cost.

Best Wedding Venue in Sunset Cliff

affordable San Diego beach wedding venues
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The sunset cliff is the wedding venue, which offers the beach view. The view is very amazing with the ocean and the big rock. You can find the affordable San Diego beach wedding venues.

The beach provides white chairs and the tables. Moreover, it is free for the wedding decoration. The staff will help you to create your wedding venue.

The capacity of the venue is 115 guests. The price that you need to spend for this venue is from $1,500 to $8000.00. The ceremony and the reception include 8 hours of event time.

The average price to rent this place is between $7,831 and $17,525. Those prices are available for 100 guests.

Those lists of the San Diego Beach Wedding Venues are available for you. Just decide where the wedding venue that you choose.


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