San Diego is well-known with its beautiful beach for wedding. Fortunately, they provides the san diego beach wedding and reception packages. It is worth for who wants to celebrate the wedding in San Diego.

The fabulous beach for wedding are available with the package in this country. You only need to be careful to choose the wedding package as you need.

Wedding packaged in the beach has various price and the services. It depends on  the complete facilities that they offer for you.

Best Beach Wedding Packages in San Diego for Your

San Diego beach wedding venues on a budget
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In this article, you need to pay attention to the details of San Diego beach wedding venues on a budget. The lists of the beach wedding packages will give you a lot of information. Please, be careful to read it.

Complete Service of Mission Beach Reception Package

The mission beach is one of the beach in San Diego. The view is beautiful with the ocean and the blue sky over the sea. The beach has the white sand and you can walk barefoot on it.

San Diego beach wedding reception sites
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The beautiful view is not only the offering of this place. There is a special package for the reception in this place. The package for the reception offers you some services.

The package offers the affordable and trusted package for the reception. It has the coordinators for the wedding packages. The packages The full-package services for the reception include the vendor wedding lists.

The package provide the free charge for hair, make-up, hotel, restaurant, musicians, and florists.

The place prices the reception package starting from $550 with the 60 guests.

Special Reception Package of Point Break Park

The other special package for the reception namely Point Break Park. This place provides you the special view of ocean beach channel and pacific. It has quiet grassy park in front of the beach as well.

The reception package of this place offers the classic one. The package has three classic packages namely smallest, popular and largest-full service.

beach wedding and reception packages in San Diego
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The San Diego beach wedding reception sites have different offering in some details. The smallest package provides 24 and the other packages provides 60 white chairs. The popular and largest packages are free for the bouquets and boots.

Special Offers and Services of Point Break Park

The special offering of three packages are the complete vendor lists. The services including hair & makeup, reception coordinators, limos, and shave shops. The other services are wedding cake, hotels, live musicians, babysitters and reception venues.

The spaces provides different beach wedding and reception packages in San Diego. The number of guests based on the chairs which are available for each package.

Talking about the price, the three packages have different price as well. The smallest price is $2,300. Meanwhile, the popular package price is $ 2,450 and the largest is $2,650.  The photographer has the charge for all the packages that is $200.

Those lists are San Diego beach wedding and reception packages which are available. Now, you might decide the place and package that you need.


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