One of the popular places for wedding celebration now is an outdoor venue. You may find the best outdoor wedding venues in San Diego Ca. This place provides some wedding venues for the outdoor concept as you need.

San Diego CA is one of the best destinations for celebrating a wedding. It is rich with the places starting from affordable and expensive ones. You may decide the best destination for your wedding in this country.

3 Best Place to Set Intimate Outdoor Wedding

You may decide your intimate wedding venues in San Diego CA by reading this article. The best outdoor wedding venues in this country will be in this article.

Venues Liberty Station for Intimate and Grand Wedding

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This place offers two options for indoor and outdoor wedding venues. The venues give you two options either intimate or grand wedding. You may choose based on the guests that you invite to your wedding.

What Liberty Station Offers

Liberty Station offers the right location, which performs classic, historic and romantic setting. Besides, the place provides more than three best locations for a wedding. The location is large which can accommodate maximum 500 guests for outdoor venues.

This amazing place provides the services for having reception and ceremony. The delicious dinner and dancing space are available in this place.

Talking about its price, it has reasonable cost from $ 1,480 to $ 5,254. Those prices are including the eight hours of wedding time. There is an additional price for an outdoor venue for permitting fee $350+.

For the average, the estimation of wedding cost is $7, 839 to $19,143. The prices are including the wedding ceremony for 100 guests and catering.

Luxurious Garden Darlington House Wedding Venue

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Darlington house is one of best inexpensive wedding venues in San Diego Ca. It is famous for the luxurious garden for a wedding venue. The couple may have the wedding event in that place with beautiful view.

There are some views that Darlington house offers for you. It has a fountain or water feature on the based wedding venue. It offers a garden patio or courtyard and landscapes.

The place provides the delicious special dinner and delightful music concert. The decoration of the wedding ceremony is very warm and classic with the romantic light. It offers long table and chairs free from the charge.

Further, the maximum seat for the guest is 200 seats with the cocktails. The catering is also available in this place.

The venue rental cost is between $2, 500-$4,500 for five hours package. Meanwhile, for 4 hours package, the cost is between $2, 000-$3,500. The fee is also depending on the week reservation.

Marina Village, the Lovely Place for Exotic Wedding

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It is popular that Marina village is one of the lovely places. The outdoor wedding venues in San Diego California offer an exotic place with the tropical freeways. It is gorgeous with the beach view, dining and the light night.

Marina village will be the best destination for your wedding. There are two outdoor venues for wedding namely north and south lawns. Those places are stunning view and have dramatic backdrops of Mission Bay.

It has two offering for both reception and ceremony. It offers the excellent service and professional staff to handle your wedding.

The services that you can get from this place are including the catering. Moreover, you may prepare the decoration excluding the five-hour package. You may enjoy for preparing and clean up without paying the charge.

The price of the venue is $ 500 for 50 guests. It is available for a Saturday night.

You can enhance your wedding at the outdoor wedding venues in San Diego Ca. We will show you the most valuable places for great intimacy.


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