There many things you must consider outdoor venues for a weddings near me. One of the choices is an outdoor wedding venue. You will get much fun in outdoor style.

Here are outdoor venues for the weddings. You can consider these lists. We have some places that can lead the outdoor wedding to get many styles.

Most Popular Outdoor Wedding Venues with Great Romance

The outdoor wedding venue is a popular space. You may choose the best wedding venue leading perfections. Here are some lists of the best wedding venue.

Beautiful Greystone Estate Atlanta with Expansive Lawn

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The Greystone Estate sits on 65 acres. We can drive 40 minutes from North of Atlanta. This kind of venues for wedding reception near me can accommodate 200 guests.

It provides large ballroom, bridal suites, groom’s room and fully equipped kitchen. The outdoor venue can accommodate 200 guests.

You can start to prepare the venue in two hours. You must end the events at 11:00 PM.

The average cost at The Greystone Estate ranges from $12,825 to $17,505. It is for 100 guests. It includes wedding reception and ceremony.

Baobab Outlook with Luxurious Venue

The location of Baobab Outlook is behind The Palace Pool Deck. It is luxurious Sun City wedding venue. It is one of the cities in South Africa.

This venue can accommodate up to 110 guests. They serve a seated-buffet dinner. The garden venue can accommodate up to 150 guests. They can enjoy cocktail wedding party here.

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The Italian Center with Ballroom and Garden

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It is the big venue. It sits on 28 acres square. This kind of outside venues for weddings near me has a ballroom and garden. You can see gardens, landscaped grounds, and pool areas.

Capacity of each Wedding Venue

The outdoor venues can accommodate 1.500 guests. It is for outdoor wedding ceremony. For an outdoor wedding, the reception is available for 1,500 guests to.

Rental Fee and Wedding Package

You are free to rent the venues. You only pay the food and beverages. The wedding packages range from $65 to $94.

The packages are available per 100 people. The additional charge is 20%.

AL RU Farm for the Most Romantic Venue

The gardens of AL RU Farm create the most romantic wedding stings. Its location is in Adelaide Hills. This wedding venue is 30 minutes from Adelaide.

It has a popular garden and Pavilion Garden. Extensive rose gardens, woodlands, ponds, and lake surround this venue. It provides a stunning setting for your wedding day.

Upper Terrace Offering Perfect Wedding

Upper Terrace is in the area of Devonshire Square, London. This is the perfect venue for standing party. It can accommodate up to 100 guests.

This place offers all-weather outdoor venues. You can use the venue day or night. You can use it you want.

Service and Rental Fees

It provides a catering. You can bring your own caterer. It provides alcohol to the party.

You must pay the fee’s rent for £1,500. It is per session on Saturday. On Sunday, you must pay £1,000.

Bohemia River Outlook

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Bohemia River Outlook sit is North East of Maryland. The location is in the Rivers Road. You may prefer to inexpensive outdoor wedding venues.

You can arrange your setting on barn, garden, mansion or beach. Your guests can enjoy the beautiful view of garden, hills, bay, and mountain.

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The outdoor venues can accommodate 300 people. Wedding packages start at $120 per person. It includes the venue rental, food, and alcohol.

You can arrange outdoor venues for weddings near me. It can be a family-friendly indoor wedding.


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