Online Associates Degrees will help students to choose the best university in accordance with their passions. There are many things to consider before choosing the online programs such as the cost, the schedules, the lecturer, and also the duration or the subject itself.

Several Things To Consider for Online Associates Degrees

The Syllabus

Online lecture demands a higher discipline compared to regular lectures. By reading the syllabus, students know the schedule, program objectives, program demands, and their contents such as the tasks, projects and activities involved. If something is not understood or something cannot be met, students can discuss to find a way out, before already register for the program.

One of the mistakes often made by students enrolling for online lectures is that they think online lectures are relaxing. The reality is not so. So keep in mind beforehand how many tasks should be collected, how often are required to participate in online forums and so forth.

Do you have enough time to finish all that? Check also the schedule of program activities. Do not forget to consider the time difference abroad and Indonesia. Also does the schedule of college activities conflict with daily routines? Or can you customize your daily routine with a defined college schedule

The Lecturers

Not only determine the syllabus for students who follow the online classroom, Online Associates Degrees should concern about the selection of lecturers is also one of the things to consider. Teaching regular classes and online classes is different.

So when choosing a lecturer, it should be seen whether the lecturer has experience in delivering online lectures. Some students who follow online courses advises should not choose a lecturer who has never delivered online lectures, because online teaching also requires special tips and tricks.

The Teaching Method

Besides, the delivery of the subject matter is also very important to be designed in such a way. online class students would need a brief but thorough explanation. Some online classes are not completely online. Lectures will indeed be delivered by teleconference, or in the form of audio recordings.

However, there are online programs that require classroom meetings. This is certainly not a problem if staying in the same city. But it cannot be fulfilled if students take online courses at American universities from Indonesia. Ask if there is a required physical encounter, or it can be done via chat via internet.

Accreditation is a quality assurance that is recognized by many parties (both universities and companies). it is very important to be considered by the online college program association before opening online courses. Accreditation may vary between countries and states. For example American accreditation is regulated by the Ministry of Education and CHEA.

One of the biggest differences of both is, 100% online college students are responsible for the results of the study. No lecturer or community encouraging, or asking why absences from class, why not collect assignments and others. In conclusion, online lectures are more suitable for those who have clear, disciplined, motivated and committed goals. So, it can be the concern of Online Associates Degrees in order to make the rules and curriculum.


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