You still have an opportunity to organize elegant but affordable wedding ceremonies. We serve you a list of low cost wedding venues Jacksonville FL.

Are you looking for wedding venues in Jacksonville FL? Do you have a limited budget? You may not worry!

Lowest Cost Wedding Venues  for Elegance

We have some ideas to help you find the low cost wedding venues in Jacksonville fl. You sound read this article. It will give you inspirations.

Mandarin Garden Club

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This is a historic non-profit organization, which offers indoor and outdoor wedding venues. It has numerous garden sites to organize your wedding ceremony.

Services and Facilities

Alternatively, you can celebrate your wedding inside the modernized main hall of the clubhouse. You can use a DJ for a fun night of dancing.

It provides a full-service kitchen. You can either hire a caterer or bring your own delicious cuisine. Your wedding will be an event to remember at the beautiful Mandarin Garden Club.

Availability and Price

The indoor and outdoor venues are available for 150 guests. The rental fee is $950 for a wedding ceremony and reception. It includes a 3-day weekend rental for the entire property.

The estimation of wedding cost is between $2,752 and $9,031 for a ceremony & reception. It is for 100 guests.

Mandarin Community Club

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The Mandarin Community Club is a perfect venue to host your wedding event. This venue offers a unique and welcome setting to entertain your guests. The inexpensive wedding venues Jacksonville Beach FL offer some advantages.

Surrounding Landscape Vies

There are oak trees and charming building around the venues. It used to be Mandarin School. Its floor is preserved hardwood floors.

Availability and Price

It can accommodate up to 115 guest or more. It depends on the type of your event. You can arrange an outdoor event in the Gazebo of the Billard Commemorative Park.

The rental fee ranges from $175 to $650 for a ceremony and reception. It includes 16 hours event time.

The estimation of wedding cost is between $4,193 and $6,240. It is for a ceremony & reception per 100 guests.

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Riverfront Café and Catering

Its location is near the St. Johns River. It serves spectacular view of the river. To make your wedding day memorable, it gives full facilities.

You can hold an indoor event or outdoor event. Both of them serve beautiful river view and city.

Both of the venues can accommodate 200 guests. You can use the venue as early as you want. The events must be ended by 11:00 PM.

The rental fee of wedding reception ranges from $875 to $1,500. It includes 4 hours of event time. The fee for a ceremony is $200 with reception rental.

You can pay $5,525 up to $8,789 for a ceremony and reception. This package is for 100 guests.

Queen’s Harbor Yacht & Country Club

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It is an elegant place for holding your wedding day. The neutral colored room, high ceiling, and gold chandeliers decorate the venue. It creates an elegant atmosphere.

The indoor venues are available up to 150 guests. The outdoor venues can accommodate 300 guests.

You can use this venue whenever you want. Even you can arrange in the early morning. The events in this Affordable Wedding Venues Jacksonville FL must end by 2:00 AM.

You should pay $6,896 until $15,808 for a ceremony & reception for 100 guests.

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We try to plan your wedding based on low-cost wedding venues Jacksonville FL. This article may give you the inspiration to choose your wedding venues.


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