Having impressive wedding event is every couple’s dream. Organizing wedding event with Louisville Water Tower Wedding Venue is one of the good things. All people can enjoy the meal with beautiful water tower background.

You can organize wedding event at Louisville Water Tower. We list some water tower venues in Louisville. You can choose the best venues for your wedding event.

Louisville Water Tower Park That brings Impression

We will present the reasons for choosing the Louisville Water Tower Park. This wedding venue is a historic building with a natural backdrop. Read the explanation in this article.

Outdoor Louisville Water Tower Park

Louisville Water Tower Park
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Louisville Water Tower Park is one of ideal venue for a wedding event. This venue can impress your guest by showing them historical great architecture. You can dance by the light of the sunset on the Ohio River.

All people can enjoy tasty food with water tower background. Where else can we find a scene like this? This historic site serves a 2,200 square foot, Grand Hall.

The ceiling is 50 feet above the floor. A brass spiral staircase decorates this hall. The hall is very large with beautiful decoration.

There are large windows. It gives dramatic view overlooking the Riverside Terrace and Ohio River. The guest may enjoy the time on the Water Tower Plaza.

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Historic Louisville Water Tower
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In the east wing, there are a reception area, restrooms and warming kitchen. It creates a perfect venue to host your special event. It brings the Historic Louisville Water Tower.

Riverside Lawn and Terrace serve beautiful view of Ohio. It allows us to host outdoor and indoor seating for our guests. We can treat our guest to the backdrop of National Landmarks.

Indoor Wedding Venue

Indoor rental fees cover the use of the Grand Hall and the immediate grounds. This includes Water Tower Plaza and the Riverside Terrace that faces the river. The fees include an access to the Water Works Museum.

It has different fees for renting the venue. There are two seasons. The first season is January to April.

Pricing and Availability

The fees for this season range from $225 to $1,350. There addition fees for organizing an event at the national holiday. The additional fees are 50%.

The venue rental rates range from $225 to $1,350. We can rent the venue for 8 hours. There will be additional charges and fees for additional times.

The second season is May to December. The fees for this season range from $300 to $1,800. There are additional fees if we organize an event at the holiday.

The Grand Hall can accommodate 120 guests. Water Tower Plaza is available for 300 people. The Riverside Terrace can accommodate 100 guests.

There are different capacities in the indoor event of the Louisville Wedding Reception Venues. The seating capacity for the cocktail event is for 68 guests. Its seating capacity for a cocktail party is for 200 guests.

Louisville Wedding Reception Venues
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The seating for a wedding event is for 100 guests. It provides caterer for all events. You may find the Louisville Water Tower Catering.

The catering offers special discounts for Water Tower clients. It provides a wide variety of catering and bar service. From the drop of box lunch, cocktail parties and full wedding service.

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Louisville Wedding Tower Venue will give you a special package for your wedding event. It is the best choice for your wedding event.



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