You can find the Louisville Water Tower wedding reception. This wedding venue is popular in Louisville. We will help you find it.

The Water Tower is a landmark building in Louisville. This venue offers the historic architecture and Ohio River. The building and nature can create the perfect situation.

You should know the wedding reception in this place. This Water Tower can make your reception excellent and perfect.

Water Tower Offering Historic Landmark Venues

This Water Tower can bring the different wedding. You should read this article. We will offer the cheap wedding reception venues Louisville KY.

Special Spaces for Rental

cheap wedding reception venues Louisville KY
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This historic landmark will combine the architecture and natural views. Some special backgrounds can complete the wedding decoration.

You will find the most popular venues. They are the Grand Ballroom, Terrace Riverside, and Plaza Tower.

The Grand Hall features the luxury. It is simple with the stylish architecture. The unique architecture will work with the panoramic Ohio River.

The Water Tower Louisville offers the patio and gazebo. Those places can enhance the breathtaking nuance. This situation creates a greater feeling.

Those venues are perfect. You can enhance the wedding in indoor or outdoor areas. They can accommodate all guests.

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Inclusive Indoor Wedding Reception

How is the inclusive package of the indoor venue? The Historic Louisville Water Tower includes some items. It provides the Hall or Water Tower Plaza.

The venues overlooks the Ohio River. It gives a dramatic backdrop. Your reception will be appealing.

Historic Louisville Water Tower
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This wedding venue is affordable. The cost and price depends on the place. They are affordable.

Indoor venues offer some benefits. They combine the classic and luxurious. You can discover the diversity.

Capacity for the Events

The venue has different capacity. You should fit to the guest numbers. The three places are:

Grand Hall

This Grand Hall can accommodate 120 guests. It has beautiful indoor architecture. The Grand hall overlooks the Ohio River.

Riverside Terrace

This venue is larger. It can accommodate 220 guests. This is for the wedding reception.

You can set the outdoor wedding. The panoramic views become the best backdrop.

Water Tower Plaza

This Plaza is the largest venue. It is available for 300 guests. This situation is for the traditional ceremony.

You can enhance the traditional wedding in this Water Tower Plaza. This wedding plaza can create beauty.

Wedding Catering

You can reserve the catering package. It is in the exclusive package. You should get the wedding package for the catering.

The costs depend on the guests and menus. You can arrange the best budget for catering. Your wedding reception venues in Louisville KY may be perfect

This place offers the beverage service and superior food. You can send the reservation. They will provide the price lists.

The price of this place is affordable. You may read the lists. They give the affordable venue and package.

The cost can help you save the money. They can provide the professional packages. The staff is great.

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Do you want to rent this area for your wedding? The Louisville water tower wedding reception is great. This place can create the classic backdrop.


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