Brooklyn is a great place to do a wedding reception. It has many wedding venues to choose. You may find Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn Wedding.

We can find the Liberty warehouse at 260 Conover St, Brooklyn, New York. It is an 1850’s original building with unique ornaments.

The location overlooks a great Liberty Statue. You will see New York Harbor view from the spot.

We will enjoy the panoramic views and architecture. Those things are all extravagant. Your guests will enjoy this wedding venue.

Liberty Wedding with Unique Warehouse

The Liberty venue offers a view of coastline and ocean. This warehouse adds a display of bay and panoramic view. You will find the packages and venues of this Liberty Hotel.

This is a charming place. It is the best venue for your lovely wedding. You should consider this hotel to be your wedding venue.

This hotel offers the special packages and wedding costs. Every couple want to gain the perfect wedding. This is the best choice.

Smart Wedding Packages in Liberty Hotel

Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn Wedding Cost
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The average base cost of the warehouse is $47,000. Its average cost is for 175person guests per package. You may arrange the Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn Wedding Cost.

An average cost starts from $200/person. It includes a ceremony fee of $1,500.

You need to add the price for decorations and additional rentals. The photography and DJ will require the additional price.

This average price comprises 20% service and tax. The ceremony fee is optional for you. You are free to include or exclude it.

You should prepare for paying the menus. The warehouse applies the different requirement for the days.

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Wedding Menu and Services

cost of wedding at liberty warehouse Brooklyn
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The food and beverage is available. They have the minimum size requirement. It is for 150 guests.

This package is on Friday or Sunday. The minimum package including 175 guests is available on Saturdays.

The Liberty Warehouse will supply all food or beverage. It is an exception for kosher and ethnic Indian catering. You will have them outside the vendor.

The in-season price is from $185.00/pp. It starts at $200/pp-$250/pp. This price includes food, liquor, and services package. It may reach the cost of wedding at liberty warehouse Brooklyn.

The package includes round tables, chairs, linens, flatware, and glassware. Those facilities are free of additional charge.

The warehouse offers several additional options. This onsite ceremony price is $1500.00. It includes the facility for white garden chairs.

Available Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Venues

The Liberty warehouse is available for inside and outside the venue. It accommodates maximum 400 people for a sit-down dinner.

Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn Wedding Photos
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Cocktail Hour

The cocktail is available for 1500 guests. The maximum seated for every event is 1000 guests. You may see the Liberty Warehouse Brooklyn Wedding Photos.

It includes passed hors-d’oeuvres and stations. The area for bridal will be possible. The covered valet will be the parking area.

Foot Service Type

The foot service type should be optional. Couples can select suitable menus for the wedding.

The place features two large affair rooms. They are the Governors Room and Harbor Room. The rooms have large windows opposite due west.

Wedding Venues

The two other smaller rooms are the Bridge Room. They are for indoor ceremonies, events, or cocktails.

A fireplace is available in every event room. The team of in-house catering is under the River Café and Water Club.

The Wedding packages begin at $185 per person. This price depends on various conditions. Different season, menu, beverage selections, time, and a number of guests employ different price.

Tax is the requirement. An additional of 20% administrative charge is possible. Alcohol is available in package pricing.

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These are the liberty warehouse Brooklyn wedding details. The price seems a bit expensive. You should satisfy with the great amenities offered.


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