The wedding reception is important for some couples for their wedding. One of the places that you can choose for a wedding reception is in Las Vegas. There are some recommendation places for the Las Vegas wedding packages with reception.

In Las Vegas, you can create a friendly and inclusive venue for the guests. Las Vegas offers some wedding outdoor and indoor venues. Some variety for an indoor and outdoor venue for the reception you can choose.

We may choose from the venue with the high price or lower price. The couples might decide it based on the place suitable with your wants. You have to be careful in reading the information of the Las Vegas wedding package.

Affordable Venues for Adorable Reception

This article will explore the best place and affordable wedding packages with reception. The detail information of the packages will direct you to choose the best and affordable place. It will be worth to you. Please stay on this page and get the detail!

Intimate Wedding Reception

Las Vegas wedding chapels with reception
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This wedding package is available for the reception concept. The Las Vegas wedding chapels with reception offer some interesting and complete service. The coordinator of the wedding is available and you do not worry about the planner.

Two options of the venue you can choose. The wedding venue is The Wedding Chapel, and The Crystal Suite or The Terrace Gazebo.  There will be a traditional music for the package and it will be meaningful for the wedding.

As usual, the wedding offer some bouquets rose flower for the bride and bridesmaid. The professional photographer is available including 19 photos and the copyright.

The special important service is the wedding catering. This package offers wedding cakes and beverages. Wedding planner plans the decoration and the setting of the venue.

It will be interesting package, it offers you some wedding accessories. There is toast with glass flutes, guests’ books and pen set, cake cutting, and serving set.

The other interesting thing is the special and suitable for you. This package cost starts at $1,299 for all the facilities and the wedding planner.

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Inclusive Border Grill Las Vegas

Las Vegas hotel wedding packages with reception
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The Las Vegas hotel wedding packages with reception are available. You can choose the Border grill. This place offers of indoor and outdoor venues for the wedding. The venue in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino has several dining room or restaurant including:

Ciudad room

Ciudad room in the downstairs consists of 390 square feet. It has proper space for 34 seats for the guests.

Patio Reception

The patio offers outdoor reception venue with a bar next to the Mandalay beach and Lazy River. The venue has string lights and some trees around the venue.

The North Room

Las Vegas wedding packages that include reception
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The place offers 65 seats for the guests and 80 cocktails. This North Room can make the intimate wedding.

South Room is in the downstairs and able to accommodate 40 guests and 50 cocktails guests. The Las Vegas wedding packages that include reception present perfectness.

Main dining room is in the upstairs. It offers the space for 80 guests in the rooms 438 square feet.

The Border grill offers several extra benefits. Available extra benefits are the setup and cleanup, table and chairs. This including linens, cake cutting, dance floor, decor and centerpiece, and audio equipment and lighting.

You can get the details service offering from the Border grill by the price of $5.800.

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The information will help decide Las Vegas wedding packages with reception. You need to be careful to decide the best and affordable place. Have great special moments in Las Vegas!



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