We have the most intimate wedding venues in Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia is one of the best wedding locations. It is an ideal site for a couple who want to arrange the intimate wedding.

The couple will have a sacred wedding in the intimate wedding. They will get a quiet and peaceful wedding. Share your happiness with your closest families and friends.

Best Choices to Set Intimate Wedding on Budget

See the list of intimate wedding venues in Northern Virginia. Choose the best venue that fits you. The couples must create an intimate atmosphere in their wedding.

Rustic Hendry House with Its Historic Wedding Buildings

wedding venues in Northern Virginia on a budget
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Hendy House is at 24th Street North Arlington on 19-acre Fort C.F Smith. The Hendry House is one of the historic buildings. You can discover the wedding venues in Northern Virginia on a budget in this place.

It provides a charming backdrop for all of your wedding. The property offers chic atmosphere. You can host an indoor wedding, which can accommodate 65 guests.

An outdoor site is another choice. You can host a wedding underneath a tent. Its maximum capacity is 150 guests.

Ceremony and reception rental fee are $2,200. The couple can set five hours of event time. Wedding events must end by 10:00 PM.

Wedding cost at Hendry House is at between $6,120 and $11,070. The wedding package includes 100 guests. Catering and alcohol exclude in the wedding package.

Unique Pamplona at Clarendon Boulevard Arlington Wedding

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The location of Pamplona is at Clarendon Boulevard Arlington. It is the perfect site for hosting a one-of-a-kind wedding receptions. Pamplona is famous for its Spanish Tapas and Sangria restaurant.

You may meet the wedding venues in Northern Virginia affordable in this location. It serves the perfect wedding with a gorgeous setting.

Its venues feature gorgeous hardwood floors, exposed ceilings, and vibrant decor. The couple can host a smaller wedding at its colorful Red Bar are. It can accommodate between 35 and 40 people.

The couple does not need to pay the rental fee. You must fulfill minimum foods and beverages ordered. Please your guests by serving delightful sangria.

Ask your guests to accompany you for four hours of event time. Your wedding event must end by 2:00 AM. Wedding cost at Pamplona ranges from $13,420 to $23,417.

Inexpensive Historic Blenheim with Beautiful Wedding

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The location of Historic Blenheim is at Old Lee Highway Fairfax. Historic Blenheim becomes the beautiful wedding venue in Northern Virginia inexpensive. It combines historic American charm with modern furnishings.

Beautiful Grounds for Wedding

It sits on 12 acres of beautiful grounds. The couple can host a ceremony at outside Pergola Terrace. It is in the lush environment.

It has terrace and Veranda Porch. They are beautiful sites for hosting a cocktail hour. Indoor venue is the stunning Interpretive Center.

It offers the views of the grounds and Civil War-era house. Addition of candles and flowers make a romantic aura. The venues are elegant and natural.

Indoor venues can accommodate 90 guests. Outdoor sites are available for 190 guests. The rental fee ranges from $60 to $150 per hour.

The couple can host a 1-hour of ceremony event time. Invite your guests to enjoy six hours of reception time. Wedding cost ranges from $5,430 to $$14,237.

The couple can create Intimate wedding venues in Northern Virginia. It does not mean that they will not share happiness. The couple wants to create a sacred celebration.


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