Serving the right food at the wedding will add the happiness and intimacy. You may think of the interactive food stations to serve in your wedding. Why do?

Many people want to get their best meals attending a wedding. The food stations will add the nuance for interactive and happy. You may know the best menus for the interactive food bars.

We will lead you to prefer the food bar wedding for the interactive situation. The foods are with the snacks, unique, creative, and something different.

What is the concept of the interactive bar? They are available to make all people in the wedding interactive each other. You can make some finger food and food stations to realize it.

Top 5 Interactive Food Bar Menus for Excellent Wedding

Now, this is time to search for the right food bar for the interactive theme. We will show you some lists of best food menus.

Bruschetta Bar with Italian Taste

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Do you love Italian taste? The Bruschetta Bar can be the best choice for unique interactive food stations. This Bruschetta Bar is a favorite wedding menu of pre-dinner time.

You can provide the Bruschetta Bar for the dinner or cocktail hours. This will complete the interactive situation of your wedding.

Some menus of Bruschetta Bar will make everybody enjoy the wedding moment. This food includes some simple Bruschetta with some addition.

You can make a station for the Bruschetta Bar with leveling design. It will highlight the main course of the menu.

Fresh Food Bar Ideas for Interactive Wedding

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Everybody loves something fresh. You may serve the fresh interactive food stations at weddings. It will lead you to gain the special wedding moment.

Some wedding parties will come to the festive celebrations. You can set the burrata bar to the margarita bar station. They can be a great signature.

Frozen Sushi Bar Station

The new bar station to serve is the frozen sushi. You can prefer the Wolfgang Puck for the special sushi station.

We can activate the sushi rolls and fresh fish atop of the ice blocks. You can blend it with the flower and frozen orchid inside of the station.

Blue Plate with Caramel Apple Bar Station

Do you plan on the blue-plate food station? You can serve the blue plate with the caramel apple. It will be a special bar station.

It is perfect for the holiday party including the apples with asserts and caramel toppings. You can slice up the menus with the size portions.

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Taco Bar Station – True Fiesta

Do you love the fiesta station? You can offer the taco bar station for the true Fiesta. It needs to consider the DIY taco station.

The varieties include the veggies, tortillas, meats, and the salsas. It will add the special touch of the Southwest big day.

The time is great for striking the wedding menus. It includes the taco zone with some taco menus. Your guests will love them much.

This is the time to serve the Taco bar with some Mexican Fiesta menus. You may serve the nacho bar and mini taco station. They will be perfect for the late night menu retreat.

Dessert and Ice Cream Interactive Bar

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Everybody loves the ice cream and dessert. This is the time to have fun with those interactive catering food stations. How is to serve them on your special wedding day?

Everybody will love ice cream in every situation. You can make an entertaining wedding with some colorful and decorative ice creams. It is perfect for the summer wedding.

The ice cream is very fresh and cool treat. They will appreciate the interactive situation for summer and spring month. In this world, you may find 100 flavors of the ice cream to set in your ice cream bar.

To make the ice cream delicate and different, you can add some different toppings. The toppings can help you to make a colorful appearance. They are available for you.

You may serve the toppings to make a great taste. They are the hot caramel, fudge, M&M’s, nuts, sprinkles, fresh fruit, and many others. They are available for the excellent Sunday Bar station.

How are the dessert bar ideas that you can serve? This is your time to select the best dessert to complete with the ice cream bar. It will highlight your wedding moment.

The dessert and ice cream tends to be wonderful interactive menus to serve in the wedding. They are colorful, sweets, and cold fresh. Everybody loves them much.

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This is the time to select the best food for interactive food stations. The foods will vary depending on the menus that you will serve.


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