Sweet buffets and dessert tables are old styles of wedding foods. You can serve interactive food stations at weddings. The wedding day is a long day.

It is nice to offer them some nibbles foods. Your guests can enter wedding food stations. It is the latest wedding trend foods.

Best Interactive Food at Weddings That Everyone Will Love

You can serve interactive food at your wedding reception. The guest will enjoy everything you serve at the food stations.

Grazing Tables New Wedding Food Concept

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Grazing Tables is new food stations at wedding reception. It contains a variety of cold foods. They are meats, cheeses, antipasto, dips, bread, crackers, salads, and fruits.

You can combine the ingredients to create delicious grazing tables. Let your guests lay out the ingredients to create their own. You can serve bruschetta and crostini to please them.

Decorating the tables is an important thing to do. The decoration can add the beauty of grazing tables. You can decorate the tables with rustic boards in various sizes and thickness.

Put the foods on marble slabs, glass platters, and porcelain bowls. It will create a showstopper looks. You do not need to skimp on the good stuff.

Choose the best ingredients for your tables. We guarantee that your friends will not complain about your foods. They will enjoy your wedding reception foods.

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Pizza Buffet Bar for Favorite Wedding Foods

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Pizza is a tasty treat food. It is one of the most favorite foods around the world. Every couple will serve pizza in their interactive food stations for weddings.

You can serve traditional or original taste. Margarita and pepperoni will be a good choice. You can let your guests pick their own toppings.

Serve them various kinds of toppings. Let them take whatever they want. The most common toppings are meats, vegetables, and condiments.

You can serve two kinds of pizza. They are Italian and United States Pizza. A popular Italian variant pizza is Sicilian pizza.

It is essentially a focaccia, which has tomato sauce toppings. The other popular pizza is Authentic Neapolitan pizza. It uses San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella.

Sushi and Asian Food Stations for Exciting Wedding

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The stations are a great choice to offer your guests. It is fun and exciting mouthful snacks. You can serve sushi rolls and nigiri for fun food stations for weddings.

Rice paper rolls and mini takeout boxes are more fillings. You can use vinegar rice. Combination of various ingredients wills rich the tastes.

Food Combination to Serve

Serve them with chiefly seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits. You can let your guests make their own sushi. Your guests will love it.

Don’ t forget to provide chopsticks and wasabi. Another option is providing noodle bar. An authentic Asian chef can cook on the spot.

Your guests will love the warm and fresh foods. The chef can entertain your guests by live cooking.

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The Interactive food stations at weddings are a good choice of foods menu. Your guests can enjoy the foods while chatting with other guests. They do love a simple snack that you offer.


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